Succulent Pig catering Royal St Georges Golf Club hosts 122nd Amateur Golf

Succulent Pig catering Royal St Georges Golf Club hosts 122nd Amateur Golf

Royal St Georges Golf Club hosts the 122nd Amateur Golf Championship 2017.

Succulent Pig were honoured to be invited to cater for 350 guests at Royal St Georges Golf Club in Sandwich. Royal St Georges Golf Club hosts 122nd Amateur Golf end of Practice Day presentation and Hog roast for this years N aational Competitors.

Royal St Georges Golf Club welcomed 350 players from around the world to the 122nd Amateur Golf Championship.  Match plays took place over three days culminating in an edge of the seat final round.  Congratulations to Harry Ellis who with 5 holes to go and three holes down managed to play some outstanding golf and won on the final hole.

This year Succulent Pig A.Round Hog Roasts and Catering Services were invited to cater for the National Amateur Golf Championships Hogroast feeding 350 international golfers and stewards green keepers organisers and the golf clubs staff.
Over three pigs were cooked and we served pulled pork from the fresh pigs and also flavoured some of it with a jerk seasoning
Two flavours of sausages were served pork and sage and slightly spicy.

Invited to feed them all including all the support staff were Succulent Pig, Around Hog Roast & Catering Services.

The team arrived and set up in the early hours and prepared the Hog Master ready for roasting our delectable three pigs infused in our special pulled pork sauce and jerk seasoning.  The whole pigs need to cook slowly to give that smoky flavour and mouth-watering fall off the bone pork.

As well as the pork cooking we set up the barbecue and got ready to serve our traditional pork and sage also our spicy sausages.  Accompanying this was a beautiful light vegetarian quiche including our vegan stuffed peppers.  Side dishes were new potatoes, green salads, pasta salad along with tomato and mozzarella and creamy coleslaw.


Royal St Georges Golf Club hosts 122nd Amateur Golf

We welcomed the golfers, stewards, green keepers and also staff and organisers to the buffet served by our team.  The food was ready, another great success for us, with golfers coming back for seconds and third helpings.  By the time we had finished the only things we had to pack up was our equipment.  The food had all been consumed and the feedback was really wonderful.

We received great reviews for the food from the clubs’ staff and secretary
Once again our award winning meats supplied from the Butcher of Brogdale did us proud.

Dame Kelly Holmes opens second 1809 Cafe Gravesend

Dame Kelly Holmes Opens Second 1809 Cafe Gravesend

Succulent Pig Runs Cafe


Dame Kelly Holmes is aiming to share her knowledge and success from her athletic career with the people of kent.  Sharing her love of fitness and health with the establishment of her new cafes.

Recently we had the great honour of running a café on behalf of the new 1809 Café at the Cyclopark Gravesend.  The 1809 Café is the second to be opened by Dame Kelly Holmes the magnificent gold medal winner at the Athens Olympics.  Dame Kelly achieved gold in both the 800 m and 1500 m middle distance events in 2004.  Her medal winning competition number was 1809 a significant number that has now become the name of her cafes.

LifeStyle Cafe

This exciting new lifestyle Café was due to open in June but from Bank Holiday Monday we stepped up to help out.  Setting up with our own well-known Succulent Pig Hog Roast we cooked and barbecued for all the people who flocked to the park.

The Cyclopark is an exciting place attracting cycle riders, BMX enthusiasts, skate boarders as well as walkers and runners.  With the numbers attending and using the facilities increasing we were delighted to set up our stand.  Our Hog Roaster and barbecue were working flat out to keep up with our hungry customers.  Particular favourites were the hog roast marinade with our own special sauce along with barbecue sausages, proved a winner.

Succulent Pig working hard

That proved to be our work-out for the day, making sure that during the heat from our cooking our team stayed focus and hydrated was the challenge.

Workouts, staying fit and fun

We were lucky enough to see the commencement of the Nice Work Summer Series.  Runners gathered for a 5 k and 10 k race.  The previous Saturday 27th the Cyclopark hosted their first Marathon on the track with over 400 runners taking part.

The parks new management team are working hard to promote all the facilities available.  There is something for everyone who wants to improve their levels of fitness.  The park offers classes in spinning, fight club, pilates, as well as cycling and running. Also included are facilities for children such as the Toddlers Centre on a Friday.  This is a beautiful venue so even if you just want to walk that’s included to.

Having your cake and eating it

If you don’t want to join in with the activities you can come along and enjoy the environment.  Come and join the café for a morning or afternoon treat and enjoy quality teas, coffees and accompany this with one of the gorgeous cakes available.  Sit in the café and enjoy the opportunity to watch the sporting activities going on around.  Maybe this will be enough to inspire you to join in?





Royal Dock Yard Chatham hosts Thanksgiving celebrations

Royal Dock Yard Chatham hosts Thanksgiving Celebrations


Royal Dock Yard Chatham hosts Thanksgiving celebrations saw the staff of Xchanging come together to celebrate thanksgiving.


This event was held on the 24th November for an Insurance Company called Xchanging based in Chatham Maritime area of the old Royal Navy Dockyard in Chatham. We catered for them last year and were very pleased that they asked us to cater for them again as they were celebrating the Americans Thanksgiving.

The wind was very strong with a bitter edge to it and getting all our food ready for this function of 300 people for a service starting from 12.00hours was proving to be very difficult. The catering team consisted of Marriane, Aurelija and myself, Anthony.


We were pleased to say that we eventually had all the food cooked and presented in our new electrical hot plates and the staff bravely queued for their dinner which was served on time.

Roasted Hog Roast with two flavours of Sausage, our lovely crackling, and apple sauce, rolls, with roasted new potatoes in rosemary and garlic and loose leaf salad, pasta salad, tomato and mozzarella and creamy handmade coleslaw.

The vegetarian option was stuffed peppers with roasted root vegetables spice and rice and Spanish quiche

Everyone was served by about 2.30 and we were thanked by the staff before leaving

Harold Wood Cricket Ground stages 40th birthday party

Harold Wood Cricket Ground stages 40th birthday party

40th birthday party for Ashley Spring

Harold Wood Cricket Ground stages 40th birthday party, friends and family gathered at the pavillion to celebrate the 40th birthday of Mr Ashley Spring. Harold Wood has been the centre for cricket since 1896 bringing together the local community. Set in a rural village the cricket ground bought together the agricultural as well as the railway community.

Establishing the Ground

By 1934 thanks to the donation of a field by a local landowner the ‘Harold Wood Cricket Ground’ was finally established. In order to improve facilities the local council provided the pavilion seen today. With this in mind the cricket ground continues to bring the community together.

We had been hired to cater the party with 50 guests so planning is essential for our teams. We need to ensure that the meat is ordered in advance, we always use the Butcher of Brogdale. On this occasion lamb was the meat of choice along with our accompanying side dishes.

Preparing the feast

Chef and his team arrived at the venue early in the morning and up went the awning and the hog roast machine was ready. Chef prepared the lamb and set it to cook regularly basting to ensure that it was succulent and tender. All our side dishes are prepared with fresh ingrediants and where possible, created on site. For this reason we can be certain our dishes are fresh.
The host and guests slowly arrived into the pavilion along with the family. The aroma of roasting lamb drew people out to the carpark, our team enjoys demonstrating how their food is cooked. Chef and his team really enjoy meeting guests although sometimes we have to focus on the food. Otherwise the food may not be ready and its very important to us that we are ready to serve at the appointed time.

Hungry Guests

We were ready, our serving dishes were filled with enough food to feed 50 hungry party goers. Experience tells us to bring extra as our tasty meals always bring people back for seconds. Notably we had guests coming back for thirds, fourths and even fifths of our tender lamb with the accompanying side dishes. Usually if we have some left overs we plate them up and leave them for guests to help themselves. Unfortunately there were no left over food at this party as a result our chef and his team were thrilled.

Succulent Pig and Aroung hog roast would like to wish Ashley Spring a happy birthday, a great host with a wonderful family.