News 2016

Exciting news 2016 the Brogdale Old Spot Hog Roast Company is becoming The Brogdale Hog Roast Company and will specialise in Hog Roast Hire Machines available for everyone who would like to cater their own celebrations.  This site will be focused on Hog Roast Hire machines and will demonstrate the ease of use,

the versatility and delicious food that you can serve and the support that Anthony and his team can provide if you require it.

The Brogdale Hog Roast Hire Company Ltd will work alongside its sister company The Succulent Pig Hog Roast Company run by A.Round Hog Roast Catering Services.  So you still have a choice either Do it yourself or we can provide chefs and our catering staff and services that you need.

We have decided to adopt this route as we recognize that sometimes celebrations and parties are more intimate with smaller numbers of people and there are some great cooks who would like the opportunity to present their own food.

So if the following applies to you,

  • The party is for our family and we would like something more informal in our garden.
  • There will be a big gathering but we are working to a limited budget and want to provide some tasty well cooked food for our guests
  • Then this is the perfect option for you.  Serving a succulent roast pig, lamb or beef or what about a three meat slow roast, delicious.

Call today and reserve your hog roast machine and have one of our award winning small pigs just right for your party or choose a half pig and it will look amazing slowly cooking on your machine.  

We deliver your machine and give plenty of helpful advice that will keep your guests safe and your food perfectly cooked.  We also give you a backup phone number so you can call us for any further advice or encouragement.

Since 2014 we have been working with our sister company Succulent Pig Hog Roast, you may have seen us around the South of England appearing at a variety of venues and many successful events including the Faversham Transport weekend and the Faversham Hop Festival.

Our next event will be at the Faversham Transport Weekend on 21st and 22nd May 2016 and again at the Hop Festival later in the year.  When you’re walking around all the amazing events and vehicles pop over and say hello and try our tasty pork or barbecue rolls.

We have had a really busy but fun 2015 meeting some great people and serving up a variety of different food.

Our Hog Roast Machine Hire and the award winning pigs supplied by the Butcher of Brogdale has proved popular with a number of catering outlets and an established catering firm choosing up to supply their machines.  We have also delivered to a number of schools and local pubs for their celebrations.

Some of the pubs have included the:

Dover Castle Public House, 20 London Road Teynham,

The Roebuck Public House, West Street, Harrietsham, Maidstone

The Port of  Call, 18-19 Market Square, Dover

Jolly Sailor, 75 North Gate, Canterbury

Some of the great staff and schools that we have delivered to

Davington Primary School, Priory Row, Faversham

Kings School, St. Augustines, Lady Wooton’s Green, Canterbury

Herne Bay Catholic Social Club, Clarence Road, Herne Bay

You may have seen our Hog Roast Master machine at Folkestone Harbour during their amazing festival.  

Our machines have been attending fire work displays, roast pork makes a great pair with local brewed cider what a mouth-watering combination.  Local Clubs and private functions have also used our Hog Roasters with great success.

We travelled to Osea Island in Essex and delivered our machine hire to the Holiday Park, it was an interesting challenge as we had to time delivery and collection times to the tides as access is by a tidal causeway.  Lovely people and a very successful event, they went on to purchase a machine from us.

We travel and deliver to most places across the South of England, Essex and South London but give us a call if you are further afield see our web site for details.

Hog Roast Machine Hire can be used all year round.

A hog roast machine was supplied for Christmas Day where the challenge was to cook for a large family gathering and needed an extra-large turkey, beef and pork and gammon to be supplied with the machine.

During the winter to assist in keeping the cooking times down and to cover the machines in case of bad weather we also hire out flame retardant gazebos and bain-maries for keeping the carved pork hot.

Hog Roast Machine Hire the practicalities,

All our customers have taken advantage of hiring a hog roast machine with a free range fruit fed pig, made ready for cooking by our chef delivery driver.  The machine comes ready for use with a gas bottle, a temperature gauge, and the chef will show you how to use the machine and advice on carving.  With the delicious scent of roasting meat triggering your guests taste buds you will be able to demonstrate what a successful chef you are.

The cost of cooking your own hog roast is perfect for a limited budget and yet still provides the taste and versatility of a great centre piece to your party or celebration.  The Hog Roast Machine can also cook any barbecue food that is in your repertoire.

Trying to raise money for a charity or fetes then a Hog Roast Machine will enable you to make money for your cause with a limited outlay, food cooked on a hog roast machine is not only popular but tastes delicious to and the aroma draws in crowds all hungry to sample your amazing cooking.

News Flash you are now able to spit roast lamb on the Hog Master machine.  This takes a bit more concentration and attention as your lamb rotates on the spit but the effort is well rewarded with a beautifully tender, tasty, mouth-watering roast lamb.

Call us today and reserve your Hog Roast Machine and start planning your event because it’s going to be wonderful.  Look out for our advert in the NorthDowns advertiser and keep checking out our blog and web site for the latest news and information.

We would like to say thank you to Lee and his team who supply some of the best and consistently tasty meat.  We are proud of our working business relationship with Lee and his great team of workers, and they always make sure we get the best meat produce available.

We are really excited about meeting you all during 2016.  

If you see us out and about come up and say hello.