Birthday Celebrations Commence, Family, Friends, Guests gather.

Setting up for Birthday celebrations and Barbecue

Birthday celebrations commence, family, friends, guests gather. The Chef and his Catering team arrived in the garden of Lyn the birthday girl. 

Setting up the equipment to give us plenty of time to have everything ready for the celebrations to commence.

We set up our canopy as well as the equipment and unpacked our fresh ingredients.   The garden was the perfect setting with enough room to barbecue safely.  Chef and his team started the preparation of the pork together with the burgers and sausages.  The pork needs to cook for a long period of time to get that melt in the mouth pulled pork.  With the pork cooking slowly in the back ground the

Preparing the Side Dishes

With this in mind Chef turned to preparation of the side dishes.  We chose the combination of tomato and mozarella a lovely fresh summer taste.  Chef  prepared and baked the Spanish quiche, at the same time the halloumi was roasted giving it that smoky flavour.  Finally the loose leaf salad a long with our coleslaw completed all the side dishes.

Finally the team prepped three flavour sausages, 100% beef burgers, Cajun and barbecued chicken.  Our timings are meticulous as each element is equally important.


The guests were ready to eat, the team laid out the side dishes and prepared to serve the pulled pork, sausages and beef burgers.  For this reason hiring us to cater for your party ensures that you get food prepared on site, cooked to perfection and served on time.

The Butcher of Brogdale is our butcher of choice, their meat has good provenance is tasty and local to reduce our carbon footprint.

Finally, family friends, guests enjoy the party.

Birthday celebrations commence, family, friends, guests gather
Family, friends and guests arrived to the aroma of roasting pork and joined Lyn in her garden to begin the birthday fun. Guests helped themselves to drinks and canapes as our team circulated round with trays.

The team served the food and the drinks were circulated round guests.  Chef said “in this case it is equally important to realise that the timing of food preparation, cooking and delivery was critical”.
The pork particularly needed to melt in the mouth, as well as the flaversome sausages were ready at the same time.

It was a real pleasure to see the party goers eating and enjoying their food.  This included the late comers who arrived as we were packing up to go, we unpacked and made sure that they had enough to eat to.  Great night and look forward to meeting up with this family again in the future.

Hog Roast Kent

Thank you for the great feedback, it’s good to know that everyone enjoyed the food and there was plenty for everyone.

Planning and Consulting

Guests gather wedding celebrations begin

Guests gather wedding celebrations begin as friends and family come together. 

Friends and family gather from across the UK as well as Poland for the wedding of this wonderful couple.

This wedding would include 190 guests so in light of the large numbers planning started early.  We arranged a home consultation visit and together with the happy couple the planning started.   

Together we created their wedding plan from the evening before the special day until the last minute when guests left.  The couple had already booked their venue and together we planned menus in addition we would furnish the venue with tables, chairs and crockery.  

Plan completed in addition a step by step itinerary of the day for the front of house team to provide full management on the day.  Wedding Reception package completed including the hire of glass ware, tables and chairs, decorations, cutlery and crockery.

Preparing the Menu

Chef and his catering team arrived at the venue with enough time to slow cook the hog roast in our own marinade. Slow cooking as well as regular basting gives the hog roast that distinctive succulent flavour. In addition the team prepared a range of our own canapés as well as the salad dishes. With our own recipe garlic roasted, delicious, and finally dessert of white chocolate and raspberry brûlée cheese cake to finish the feast.

Wedding and Reception​

Guests gather wedding celebrations begin, and waiting at door the front of house team ready with drinks. Waiting for the Bride and Groom the team circulated with trays of canapés and welcomed the guests. The happy couple arrived and greeted their guests with glasses of champagne.

The food was ready, family friends, the bride and groom took their places at table, our team served the main course.

The barbecue was ready to cook 180 sausages including pork and sage, lamb and mint and the slightly spicy hot rod. In addition chef cooked beef burgers, cajun and BBQ chickens with peppers and onions, and roasted halloumi cheese.

Locations Crispy crackling

The food was delicious and the white chocolate and raspberry brûlée cheese cake add sweetness to a truly sweet event.  Later that evening an ice cream van had been hired to attend we were treated to an ice cream.

It was a privilege to work for such a wonderful couple.  Succulent Pig staff would like to wish them a long and happy life together.

Faversham Hop festival, hog roast, live music, great entertainment

Faversham Hop festival, hog roast, live music, great entertainment

Faversham Hop Festival Kent

Faversham Hop festival opened for business on Saturday and Sunday.  People flocked to the festival to enjoy the great atmosphere.

Live music and entertainment was spread out across the centre of Faversham.  Walking into Preston Street was a sea of people listening to the great bands playing live.

Also along the way were a variety of stalls along with the great aromas of cooking food, along with sweet treats.

In addition five stages played host to lots of bands playing their own live music for the appreciation of their audiences.  The entire festival was good natured, filled with fun and laughter.

Preston Street

Preston Street was filled with people buying from a variety of stalls from sweets to savoury.
In addition the strong aroma of hops and a variety of beers and ciders added to the ambience.

Hearing the sounds of drums and violins as well as the accordian the Morris Dancers were working hard.
Reproducing their traditional rythmic steps and moves shows just how fit these dancers are.

Great Food

Available was a huge variety of food on offer, particularly popular were the Hog Roast and barbeque.
Situated at the top of Preston Street Chef Stephen set up the Succulent Pig hog roast machine and prepared to cook. 

Chef arrived early to have the hog roasts ready, slowly cooking until cooked to perfection. Accompanying this were three variety’s of the Butcher of Brogdale own sausages.

Served in a bun they were the perfect hog dog. Chef and his assistant were busy all day serving new customers as well as old friends from last year. 

Most popular was the hog roast roll with sage and onion stuffing.

Live music

The Hop Festival organisers had made sure that there was enough space for people to move freely.  Visitors roamed around the festival as well as pausing to listen to the wide variety of music playing  the music.b On the way their were a number of refueling stops with all the pubs welcoming people in for a top up.
There was an opportunity for new performers to showcase their music to a very appreciative audience.  In addition were the regular bands and singers with their dedicated followers waiting to dance and sing along to the music.

The Visitors

Visiting the Faversham Hop festival has become a must do on the annual calendar with Succulent Pig Hog Roast have been regular supporters.

Visitors came by coach, by car and by rail or by foot and poured into the festival ready to enjoy themselves.  Consequently stalls were busy selling products from face creams to writing your last will and testament.

Noteworthy the hop twines were popular with lots of visitors walking with them twined around their heads.  As well as the hops there were amazing hats once again popular with visitors, producing lots of smiles.


The wonderful event is well organised and safe, a credit to the security teams as well as to the organisers.  Sad this one has ended but already looking forward to next year.

Harold Wood Cricket Ground stages 40th birthday party

Harold Wood Cricket Ground stages 40th birthday party

40th birthday party for Ashley Spring

Harold Wood Cricket Ground stages 40th birthday party, friends and family gathered at the pavillion to celebrate the 40th birthday of Mr Ashley Spring. Harold Wood has been the centre for cricket since 1896 bringing together the local community. 

Set in a rural village the cricket ground bought together the agricultural as well as the railway community.

Establishing the Ground

By 1934 thanks to the donation of a field by a local landowner the ‘Harold Wood Cricket Ground’ was finally established. In order to improve facilities the local council provided the pavilion seen today. With this in mind the cricket ground continues to bring the community together.

We had been hired to cater the party with 50 guests so planning is essential for our teams. We need to ensure that the meat is ordered in advance, we always use the Butcher of Brogdale. On this occasion lamb was the meat of choice along with our accompanying side dishes.

Preparing the feast

Chef and his team arrived at the venue early in the morning and up went the awning and the hog roast machine was ready. Chef prepared the lamb and set it to cook regularly basting to ensure that it was succulent and tender. All our side dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients and where possible, created on site. For this reason we can be certain our dishes are fresh.

The host and guests slowly arrived into the pavilion along with the family. The aroma of roasting lamb drew people out to the car park, our team enjoys demonstrating how their food is cooked.  Chef and his team really enjoy meeting guests although sometimes we have to focus on the food. Otherwise the food may not be ready and its very important to us that we are ready to serve at the appointed time.

Hungry Guests

We were ready, our serving dishes were filled with enough food to feed 50 hungry party goers. Experience tells us to bring extra as our tasty meals always bring people back for seconds. Notably we had guests coming back for thirds, fourths and even fifths of our tender lamb with the accompanying side dishes. 

Usually if we have some left overs we plate them up and leave them for guests to help themselves. Unfortunately there were no left over food at this party as a result our chef and his team were thrilled.
Succulent Pig and Around hog roast would like to wish Ashley Spring a happy birthday, a great host with a wonderful family.

Royal Dock Yard Chatham hosts Thanksgiving Celebrations

Royal Dock Yard Chatham hosts Thanksgiving Celebrations

Royal Dock Yard Chatham hosts Thanksgiving celebrations saw the staff of eXchanging come together to celebrate thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving celebration held on the 24th November for eXchanging based in Chatham Maritime area of the old Royal Navy Dockyard in Chatham. We catered for them last year and were very pleased that they asked us to cater for them again as they were celebrating the Americans Thanksgiving.

The wind was very strong with a bitter edge to it and getting all our food ready for this function of 300 people for a service starting from 12.00hours was proving to be very difficult. The catering team consisted of Marriane, Aurelija and myself, Anthony.

We were pleased to say that we eventually had all the food cooked and presented in our new electrical hot plates and the staff bravely queued for their dinner which was served on time.
Roasted Hog Roast with two flavours of Sausage, our lovely crackling, and apple sauce, rolls, with roasted new potatoes in rosemary and garlic and loose leaf salad, pasta salad, tomato and mozzarella and creamy handmade coleslaw.
The vegetarian option was stuffed peppers with roasted root vegetables spice and rice and Spanish quiche
Everyone was served by about 2.30 and we were thanked by the staff before leaving

Dame Kelly Holmes opens second 1809 Cafe Gravesend

Succulent Pig Runs Cafe

Dame Kelly Holmes is aiming to share her knowledge and success from her athletic career with the people of kent.  Sharing her love of fitness and health with the establishment of her new cafes.
Recently we had the great honour of running a café on behalf of the new 1809 Café at the Cyclopark Gravesend. 

The 1809 Café is the second to be opened by Dame Kelly Holmes the magnificent gold medal winner at the Athens Olympics.  Dame Kelly achieved gold in both the 800 m and 1500 m middle distance events in 2004.  Her medal winning competition number was 1809 a significant number that has now become the name of her cafes.

LifeStyle Cafe

This exciting new lifestyle Café was due to open in June but from Bank Holiday Monday we stepped up to help out.  Setting up with our own well-known Succulent Pig Hog Roast we cooked and barbecued for all the people who flocked to the park.

The Cyclopark is an exciting place attracting cycle riders, BMX enthusiasts, skate boarders as well as walkers and runners.  With the numbers attending and using the facilities increasing we were delighted to set up our stand.  Our Hog Roaster and barbecue were working flat out to keep up with our hungry customers.  

Particular favourites were the hog roast marinade with our own special sauce along with barbecue sausages, proved a winner.

Succulent Pig working hard

That proved to be our work-out for the day, making sure that during the heat from our cooking our team stayed focus and hydrated was the challenge.

Workouts, staying fit and fun

We were lucky enough to see the commencement of the Nice Work Summer Series.  Runners gathered for a 5 k and 10 k race.  The previous Saturday 27th the Cyclopark hosted their first Marathon on the track with over 400 runners taking part.

The parks new management team are working hard to promote all the facilities available.  There is something for everyone who wants to improve their levels of fitness.  The park offers classes in spinning, fight club, pilates, as well as cycling and running. Also included are facilities for children such as the Toddlers Centre on a Friday.  This is a beautiful venue so even if you just want to walk that’s included to.

Having your cake and eating it

If you don’t want to join in with the activities you can come along and enjoy the environment.  Come and join the café for a morning or afternoon treat and enjoy quality teas, coffees and accompany this with one of the gorgeous cakes available.  

Sit in the café and enjoy the opportunity to watch the sporting activities going on around.  Maybe this will be enough to inspire you to join in?

Succulent Pig catering Royal St Georges Golf Club hosts 122nd Amateur Golf

Succulent Pig catering Royal St Georges Golf Club hosts 122nd Amateur Golf

Royal St Georges Golf Club hosts the 122nd Amateur Golf Championship 2017.

Succulent Pig were honoured to be invited to cater for 350 guests at Royal St Georges Golf Club in Sandwich.  Royal St Georges Golf Club hosts 122nd Amateur Golf end of Practice Day presentation and Hog roast for this years National Competitors.

Royal St Georges Golf Club welcomed 350 players from around the world to the 122nd Amateur Golf Championship.  Match plays took place over three days culminating in an edge of the seat final round.  

Congratulations to Harry Ellis who with 5 holes to go and three holes down managed to play some outstanding golf and won on the final hole.

This year Succulent Pig A.Round Hog Roasts and Catering Services were invited to cater for the National Amateur Golf Championships Hogroast. Not only feeding 350 international golfers but also stewards green keepers organisers and the golf clubs staff.

Not only did we roast three pigs we also had the barbecue going as well.  We served pulled pork from the fresh pigs and also flavoured some of it with a jerk seasoning.  Alongside this we barbecued two flavours of the Butcher of Brogdale sausages, including pork and sage and slightly spicy.

Royal St Georges Golf Club
Royal St Georges Golf Club

Invited to feed them all including all the support staff were Succulent Pig, Around Hog Roast & Catering Services.

The team arrived, and set up our canopy in the early hours and prepared the Hog Master roaster.  Notably our delectable three pigs infused in our special pulled pork sauce and jerk seasoning were ready for roasting.  The whole pigs need to cook slowly to give that smoky flavour and mouth-watering fall off the bone pork.

As well as the pork cooking we set up the barbecue and got ready to serve our traditional pork and sage also our spicy sausages.  Accompanying this was a beautiful light vegetarian quiche including our vegan stuffed peppers.  Side dishes were new potatoes, green salads, pasta salad along with tomato and mozzarella and creamy coleslaw.

Royal St Georges Golf Club hosts 122nd Amateur Golf

We welcomed the golfers, stewards, green keepers and also staff and organisers to the buffet served by our team.  The food was ready, another great success for us, with golfers coming back for seconds and third helpings.  By the time we had finished the only things we had to pack up was our equipment.  In addition the food had all been consumed and we received great feed back.

We received great reviews for the food from the clubs’ staff and secretary
Once again our award winning meats supplied from the Butcher of Brogdale did us proud.

Succulent Pig cater Johnson Matthey summer fun day

Hitting Milestones 200 years in business & 60 years at Royston

Succulent Pig Cater Johnson Matthey Sumer Fun Day.  Johnson Matthey invited us to take part in their Summer Fun Day.  Johnson Matthey wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to their staff.

Summer Fun saw a variety of fun things to do on inflatables from sumo suits for wrestling to bungee jumping.  A large marquee showcased some of the science activities as well as artefacts and memories of their past.   There were side stalls, live music and a bar serving mocktails as well as the services of mixologists

Succulent Pig cater Johnson Matthey summer fun day
Succulent Pig cater Johnson Matthey summer fun day

Getting Ready to feed the Celebrations Roasting

Succulent Pig cater Johnson Matthey summer fun day

Our team from Succulent Pig arrived on site at 6.30 am to set up our equipment in addition the gazebo.  We unloaded the Hog Master, the tables and servery and we were ready to start cooking.  Our marinated pigs were ready to go into the Hog Master for roasting, nevertheless this takes many hours of basting.  

Roasting slowly together with consistent basting produces an amazing flavour and retains moisture.  The melt in the mouth taste with smoky barbecue flavour is our signature dish.

Equally important are the additional side dishes made on site with fresh ingredients. Our chef and his team commenced the preparation of the accompanying dishes of minted new potatoes in melted butter, potato wedges.  We prepped the seasonal green salad, in addition our delicious pasta salad with garlic and herb dressing along with our rainbow coleslaw.  Alongside this were thick wedges of sun ripened tomatoes with mozzarella drizzled with pesto and torn basil leaves to release their flavour.

We were ready now to prepare our Vegetarian home-made Mediterranean Quiche as well as our succulent Red Peppers stuffed with roasted root vegetables, rice and our own combination of spices.


Our chafing dishes were ready the barbecue was fired up and ready to start cooking our additional dishes.  We had two flavoured Butcher of Brogdale, sausages pork and sage and welsh dragon as well as the beef burgers.  Our Cajun chicken and BBQ chicken was ready to serve with peppers and onions.

The roasted halloumi in spice with peppers and onions were ready.  The apple sauce and sage and onion stuffing were heating nicely and we were ready to serve.
We use soft floured hot dog rolls as well as bread rolls were piled up ready to go and the crowds were waiting and we were ready. 

 We use good quality disposable cutlery and plates as part of our service.

The Summer Fun Day reaches its conclusion

All fabulous days out have to reach their end and so it was, all the food was consumed and our team were exhausted.
The team consensus was a wonderful day with lots of really positive feedback.  The large quantity of food we had brought with us was completely consumed with people coming back for seconds and thirds.  

We love it, we have thoroughly enjoyed the day and wish Johnson and Matthey another hundred years of trading,  Congratulations to all the staff and thanks for all the great feed back.

Hog Roast Kent – The Isle of Sheppey

The Isle of Sheppey - Hog Roast Kent

Hog Roast Hire Sheerness, Minster, Queenborough, Eastchurch & Elmley

Succulent Pig Catering Services, Hog Roast, Spit Roast and Barbecue

Catering all year round. Ring Anthony and his team today to book your Succulent Pig Catering Services and reserve your hog roast today complete the contact form above

Succulent Pig Hog Roasts is working across the Isle of Sheppey providing Hog Roasts, Spit Roasts and Barbecues.

Succulent Pig are proud to present their highly reputable hog roast services in Sheerness and the surrounding towns and villages, offering locally sourced produce in a variety of menus that can be tailored to suit your party needs and requirements, whatever the occasion.

Wedding Hog Roasts Kent

We also offer a Wedding Catering Planning service and there are some great venues across the Island perfect for your wedding. So if you have recently said yes then we would like to offer you many congratulations and now is the time to contact Anthony and his team and start planning your menu today.

Choose from a variety of our wedding menus whether you would like our well known hog roast pulled pork, the aroma of roasting pork slowly rotating on a hog roast machine, tantalising taste buds, increasing anticipation for that first taste of melt in your mouth pork cooked to perfection. Select your meat we can deliver the same fantastic centre piece with any meat, we can also deliver any dietary requirements for your guests. The only things left are to choose your side dishes from a range of seasonal vegetables and our amazing roast potatoes, or what about a range of side salads. Finally, dessert choose something light to complete the meal and then your guests will still have a small space for wedding cake along with a glass of your favourite bubbly.

Whether you are celebrating your wedding or a family party, an anniversary or you are arranging a bigger corporate event we will deliver the same level of service and excellence that you can expect from Succulent Pig catering services. We have a range of services and menus to suit everyone’s budget.

  • Wedding Breakfast,
  • Formal or buffet lunch
  • Afternoon Vintage Tea
  • Formal evening dinner or buffet

Our service includes trained staff from our trained chefs to the front of house staff led by Anthony and Luba and their teams

Hog Roast Machine Hire

If you are looking for a limited budget option then have a look at our Hog Roast Machine Hire option, we will deliver a Hog Roast Machine to your venue in plenty of time for you to take centre stage and cook your own hog roast. If you don’t want roast pork, then choose beef, lamb, chicken or turkey. Our Chef driver will show you how to use the machine and provide you with tips on cooking and timing. We will deliver the food that you require to make your party enjoyable for you to so all you have to do is cook. All our food is bought locally and from your reputable sources. We usually use the Butcher of Brogdale for all our meat requirements, their handmade burgers and sausages are especially tasty.

The Isle of Sheppey

The Isle of Sheppey is a unique place for the quirky and the stoical and those that love the traditional sea side vibe. Surrounded by marsh land and the sea much of which is a nature reserve, it has a thriving community who are able to adapt and have survived over many centuries. The first people were identified back in the Neolithic and evidence of the earliest people have been excavated on the Mount at Minster.

Offering a selection of activities, low rainfall and abundance of sunshine, Sheerness and the local areas surrounding this great seaside town are still hugely popular, bringing in families and individuals in their droves to relax, take local holidays and more.

We have had the pleasure of providing wedding catering services to Bonds Social Club very close to the town centre with reception drinks and canapés, complete hog roast wedding breakfast culminating in an evening gourmet barbeque reception. To book find them on their Facebook page. Wonderful couple and wonderful day.

We have provided our Hog Roast Catering Services at Layzells Club for their Christmas Party. They have some affordable function rooms available to hire each with their own bar, always a welcome option.

The Ferry House Inn, a beautiful 16th Century Country Public House situated at the edge of the swale estuary, they provide a bespoke wedding service. The route to the Inn seems to take you out into wilderness, however the journey is worth it with spectacular views over the short stretch of water back to the mainland from which a passenger ferry used to run until 1946.

If you are booking your venue, then ring Anthony and his team today and create your menu especially for your event and know that you are in safe and reliable hands. We look forward to hearing from you.

Hog Roast Catering Services at Layzells Club

We have provided our Hog Roast Catering Services at Layzells Club for their Christmas Party. They have some affordable function rooms available to hire each with their own bar, always a welcome option.

Wedding Venue

The Ferry House Inn

The Ferry House Inn, a beautiful 16th Century Country Public House situated at the edge of the Swale estuary, they provide a bespoke wedding service. The route to the Inn seems to take you out into wilderness, however the journey is worth it with spectacular views over the short stretch of water back to the mainland from which a passenger ferry used to run until 1946.

If you are booking your venue, then ring Anthony and his team today and create your menu especially for your event and know that you are in safe and reliable hands. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Faversham Transport Weekend

Faversham Transport Weekend Competition Winners 2015

The Faversham Transport Weekend 2015 trophy’s presented by Nigel Kay Mayor of Faversham

Faversham Transport Weekend 2015 follow this link to Faversham towns website Faversham Org

Successful Winners of the Faversham Transport weekend

Visitors to the Faversham Transport weekend enjoyed live music along the Standard Quay.  Childrens entertainment included a play bus and Punch and Judy as well as the local shops and stores.  Central to this was some beautifully maintained cars as well as some amazing motorbikes.  Dedicated owners had spent hours maintaining engines and polishing bodywork to ensure they sparkled.  Finally owners spent hours each day sharing information, swapping storys and encouraging visitors to learn more.

The Alexander Centre hosted a photography exhibition of transport images and the fun fair proved a very popular attraction with families.

Saturday is always coupled with the celebration of the ‘big and beautiful’ vintage buses as well as vintage bus rides.  Along with this were the spectacular lovingly preserved commercial vehicles.

The motor vehicles were a credit to their owners, lovingly preserved and equally many hours of polishing.  The sharing of knowledge and stories amogst visitors and vehicle owners helped to make the day special for many visitors.


Presented with his trophy by Gold Sponser Anthony Round, together with Mayor of Faversham Nigel Kay.

mouse over the images to see the detail of the winners.