Hatch Farm Hog Roast British Solar Renewables end of Project

Hatch Farm Hog Roast British Solar Renewables, Owls Hatch Farm end of Project

Hatch Farm Hog Roast for British Solar Renewables won planning permission to build a 48 mega watt Solar Farm.  Based on a 86 hectare site the project commenced.

British Solar Renewables (BSR), the developer behind the application, believes that the solar farm will be able to supply 14,000 local homes.

Three months later the project was complete with solar panels farming the sun as far as the eye can see.  Finally on Tuesday 31st March 2015 the workers gathered for an end of project celebration hog roast.

We arrived 8 hours before serve time on the windiest day of the year.  Our Health and Safety briefing complete we were able to dentify a reasonably sheltered location to set up the gazebo and van.  The Safety Team set up a ring fence round the hog roast machine to protect the cooking and serving area.  Finally if we moved out of the area we were provided with tabards to wear.

All food was cooked and ready despite it being really windy.  Workers finished their shift and after a long days work they were rewarded with our tasty hog roast.  Lots of the team were coming back for seconds and thirds so they truly loved the taste and flavour.


The following pictures show how the hog roast was welcome by all the workers.


All the staff from British Solar Renewables and the electrical contractors, and other Machinery contractors enjoyed the hog roast. All day they had been going past saying when will it be ready.  Eventually 6pm finally arrived and they all tucked into their Hog Roast Rolls.  All of them came through for seconds.  We look forward to hopefully catering for them again after they finish another Solar Farm

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