Faversham Transport Weekend Competition Winners 2015

The Faversham Transport Weekend 2015 trophy’s presented by Nigel Kay Mayor of Faversham

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Successful Winners of the Faversham Transport weekend

Visitors to the Faversham Transport weekend enjoyed live music along the Standard Quay.  Childrens entertainment included a play bus and Punch and Judy as well as the local shops and stores.  Central to this was some beautifully maintained cars as well as some amazing motorbikes.  Dedicated owners had spent hours maintaining engines and polishing bodywork to ensure they sparkled.  Finally owners spent hours each day sharing information, swapping storys and encouraging visitors to learn more.

The Alexander Centre hosted a photography exhibition of transport images and the fun fair proved a very popular attraction with families.

Saturday is always coupled with the celebration of the ‘big and beautiful’ vintage buses as well as vintage bus rides.  Along with this were the spectacular lovingly preserved commercial vehicles.

The motor vehicles were a credit to their owners, lovingly preserved and equally many hours of polishing.  The sharing of knowledge and stories amogst visitors and vehicle owners helped to make the day special for many visitors.

Presented with his trophy by Gold Sponser Anthony Round, together with Mayor of Faversham Nigel Kay.

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Transport Weekend Faversham 2015

Transport weekend Faversham 2015

We had a spectacular time at the Transport weekend Faversham. We set up very early, shortly the bacon was sizzling, the sausages cooking, ready for the hungry exhibitors and event organisers.

Exhibitors were busy putting the last minute finishing touches to their vintage cars and motorcycles. All ensuring that they were ready for the many visitors. The chrome looked amazing, especially in the gleaming sun light of Faversham.

Succulent Pig Hog Roast Catering

Once the breakfast rush was over, the team and I were busy preparing our new recipe for pulled pork. Accompanied by our double sized sausages made by the Butcher of Brogdale. Smells of the wonderful cooking pork & sausages, subsequently brought many visitors over to our part of the street. All anxious to try the delicious top quality pork. The sage and onion stuffing and apple sauce was a popular accompaniment to the pulled pork. Many requests followed for the new recipe. Additionally the Tiddly Pom’s Wholly Pig Cider really enhanced the final taste.
We did manage to get brief visits out to the exhibits, we were amazed by the care and attention to detail for all of the vehicles. Also the knowledge of the exhibitors was astounding. Some of that knowledge they were very happy to share with the many visitors who admired their cars and motorcycles. In the afternoon the trophies were awarded to the winners of each category. As a sponsor I was able to give the trophy to the winner of the category Best in Faversham.

Sponsoring Transport weekend Faversham

Sponsoring this event we were very proud, as we have many ties to Faversham, including our business based at the Brogdale Market Place in Faversham. We source our meat from our local butcher, the Butcher of Brogdale for our Hog Roast Hire and for the Hog Roast Catering Services. Providing us with the best local meat that creates great tasting hog roasts. If you’re interested in hiring us, or want us to cater your event we have some great menu ideas. For more information have a look at our web site. Hopefully we will see you at the next Faversham event.

For more information about Succulent Pig and the services they offer please follow the link to the website.