Hog Roast – Cruise Lines International-uk

Hog Roast – Cruise Lines International-uk

Hog Roast – Cruise Lines International-uk delegates gather at the Mayflower Terminal at Southhampton Docks was the venue for this amazing occasion.

Catering for up to 600 VIP guests was a proud moment for A Round Hog Roast and Catering Services.  The logistics of moving the equipment and the food to create our amazing menu took some planning.  With this in mind it was reassuring to know that with the support of the team everything went smoothly.  Our teams are fully trained and briefed for each event.  We ensure that each member of the team know their role throughout the day.  For this reason attention to detail is key, so that food and service occur on time.  Hence we have great food, a positive and happy team, and an event that runs smoothly for guests.

Preparing the food in a Unique setting

Hog Roast – Cruise Lines International-uk.  On arrival at the venue our team took a few minutes to familiarise themselves with the setting. The team also took a few minutes to admire the backdrop of ships already docked around the harbour.  Work commenced with the set up the hog roaster equipment and bringing it up to heat. Chef assembled the pig, and then marinaded to emphasis and enhance the flavour.

Whilst the Pork roasted slowly,  it was especially important to regularly bast the meat as this notably ensures that the pork remains moist.  In addition the Chef added sausages, burgers and cajun chicken to the barbecue.  Slowly the aromas of roasting meat attracted guests to come over, say hello, and watch the meat cooking. Our team were happy to share ideas and tips on creating the perfect hog roast.

With the hog roast cooking the team prepared the rest of the menu, creating a variety of salads with fresh ingredients and equally important the remaining side dishes.  The salad dishes were colourful and crisp and ready to serve coupled with the vegetables.

Serving Lunch to hungry guests

Delegates and guests sat down to enjoy the roasted pork, barbecue chicken, side dishes of salads and vegetables as an accompaniment. Hog Roast pork was succulent and tender, with the flavour of the marinade coming through proving a treat for the taste buds. The delegates and guests really enjoyed the variety, taste and flavours of the various dishes, likewise the positive feedback received was really appreciated.

The highlight of the day for the team as a matter of fact,  was the chance to witness the largest cruise ship, Harmony of the Seas pictured below

This beautiful cruise ship Harmony of the Seas created a stunning backdrop.  The tugboats creating a cascade of water as the ship slowly docked that gave the spectacle a sense of gravitas.

Attendees to the conference, in light of this, had an amazing opportunity to go on board, and view the ship in all of its magnificence.

‘Hog Roast – Cruise Lines International’

Hog Roast Menu

Creating the food for the day relied on good planning, and at the same time good organisation.  Staff on arrival at the venue are briefed individually to their specific roles and duties for the day.  Training is the key to the smooth running of this type of operation.  When your catering for up to 600 people we have to make sure that food is ready on time.

ARound hog roast team cooked and prepared fresh salads and side dishes to complete the meal, as well as organising the tableware and serving dishes.

A whole hog roast was for 250 guests each day and a BBQ themed hog roast of pulled pork two different flavoured tasty sausages with burgers, Cajun chicken & BBQ chicken halloumi with peppers. Sides dishes consisted of onions with loose leaf in addition, coleslaw with salads to compliment the food.  About 600 people in total dined at the event, the backdrop of the harbour added to the atmosphere.

In light of the comments from the guests for the variety of food, taste and flavour were welcome. We are extremely thankful for every member of our team, all equally important, that helped out on this memorable occasion.

The team thoroughly enjoyed working on the event the delegates were appreciative, and the setting was second to none with the beautiful ship becoming the backdrop to a wonderful hog roast party.

Succulent Pig welcomes new and old Customers

Hog Roast – Cruise Lines International was an amazing day, the logistics worked perfectly.  The food was served on time furthermore, all the pork and barbecue was eaten with almost no left overs.  Another sign of a brilliant day in the harbour surrounded by ships in glorious sunshine.

Finally Succulent Pig offer their full range of catering services all year round.  As we know the winter weather does not deter us from partying.  We offer a flexible hog roast menu options for weddings parties and celebrations. For more info call Anthony on 07972684332 for a free quote or see our website www.aroundhogroasts.co.uk . We look forward to hearing from you.