Royal Dock Yard Chatham hosts Thanksgiving celebrations

Royal Dock Yard Chatham hosts Thanksgiving Celebrations

Royal Dock Yard Chatham hosts Thanksgiving celebrations saw the staff of Xchanging come together to celebrate thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving celebration held on the 24th November for Xchanging based in Chatham Maritime area of the old Royal Navy Dockyard in Chatham. We catered for them last year and were very pleased that they asked us to cater for them again as they were celebrating the Americans Thanksgiving.

The wind was very strong with a bitter edge to it and getting all our food ready for this function of 300 people for a service starting from 12.00hours was proving to be very difficult. The catering team consisted of Marriane, Aurelija and myself, Anthony.


We were pleased to say that we eventually had all the food cooked and presented in our new electrical hot plates and the staff bravely queued for their dinner which was served on time.

Roasted Hog Roast with two flavours of Sausage, our lovely crackling, and apple sauce, rolls, with roasted new potatoes in rosemary and garlic and loose leaf salad, pasta salad, tomato and mozzarella and creamy handmade coleslaw.

The vegetarian option was stuffed peppers with roasted root vegetables spice and rice and Spanish quiche

Everyone was served by about 2.30 and we were thanked by the staff before leaving

Faversham Hop festival, hog roast, live music, great entertainment

Faversham Hop Festival Kent

Faversham Hop festival opened for business on Saturday and Sunday.  People flocked to the festival to enjoy the great atmosphere.

Live music and entertainment was spread out across the centre of Faversham.  Walking into Preston Street was a sea of people listening to the great bands playing live.

Also along the way were a variety of stalls along with the great aromas of cooking food, along with sweet treats.



In addition five stages played host to lots of bands playing their own live music for the appreciation of their audiences.  The entire festival was good natured, filled with fun and laughter.

Preston Street

Preston Street was filled with people buying from a variety of stalls from sweets to savoury.

In addition the strong aroma of hops and a variety of beers and ciders added to the ambience.

Hearing the sounds of drums and violins as well as the accordian the Morris Dancers were working hard.

Reproducing their traditional rythmic steps and moves shows just how fit these dancers are.

Great Food

Available was a huge variety of food on offer, particularly popular were the Hog Roast and barbeque.

Situated at the top of Preston Street Chef Stephen set up the Succulent Pig hog roast machine and prepared to cook. Chef arrived early to have the hog roasts ready, slowly cooking until cooked to perfection. Accompanying this were three varietys of the Butcher of Brogdale own sausages.

Served in a bun they were the perfect hog dog. Chef and his assistant were busy all day serving new customers as well as old friends from last year.  Most popular was the hog roast roll with sage and onion stuffing.

Live music

The Hop Festival organisers had made sure that there was enough space for people to move freely.  Visitors roamed around the festival as well as pausing to listen to the wide variety of music playing  the music.b On the way their were a number of refueling stops with all the pubs welcoming people in for a top up.  There was an opportunity for new performers to showcase their music to a very appreciative audience.  In addition were the regular bands and singers with their dedicated followers waiting to dance and sing along to the music.

The Visitors

Visiting the Faversham Hop festival has become a must do on the annual calendar with Succulent Pig Hog Roast have been regular supporters.  Visitors came by coach, by car and by rail or by foot and poured into the festival ready to enjoy themselves.  Consequently stalls were busy selling products from face creams to writing your last will and testament.  Noteworthy the hop twines were popular with lots of visitors walking with them twined around their heads.  As well as the hops there were amazing hats once again popular with visitors, producing lots of smiles.


The wonderful event is well organised and safe, a credit to the security teams as well as to the organisers.  Sad this one has ended but already looking forward to next year.