Royal Dock Yard Chatham hosts Thanksgiving celebrations

Royal Dock Yard Chatham hosts Thanksgiving Celebrations

Royal Dock Yard Chatham hosts Thanksgiving celebrations saw the staff of Xchanging come together to celebrate thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving celebration held on the 24th November for Xchanging based in Chatham Maritime area of the old Royal Navy Dockyard in Chatham. We catered for them last year and were very pleased that they asked us to cater for them again as they were celebrating the Americans Thanksgiving.

The wind was very strong with a bitter edge to it and getting all our food ready for this function of 300 people for a service starting from 12.00hours was proving to be very difficult. The catering team consisted of Marriane, Aurelija and myself, Anthony.


We were pleased to say that we eventually had all the food cooked and presented in our new electrical hot plates and the staff bravely queued for their dinner which was served on time.

Roasted Hog Roast with two flavours of Sausage, our lovely crackling, and apple sauce, rolls, with roasted new potatoes in rosemary and garlic and loose leaf salad, pasta salad, tomato and mozzarella and creamy handmade coleslaw.

The vegetarian option was stuffed peppers with roasted root vegetables spice and rice and Spanish quiche

Everyone was served by about 2.30 and we were thanked by the staff before leaving

Guests gather wedding celebrations begin

Guests gather Wedding Celebrations begin

Guests gather wedding celebrations begin as friends and family come together.  Friends and family gather from across the UK as well as Poland for the wedding of this wonderful couple.

Planning and Consulting

This wedding would include 190 guests so in light of the large numbers planning started early.  We arranged a home consultation visit and together with the happy couple the planning started.   Together we created their wedding plan from the evening before the special day until the last minute when guests left.  The couple had already booked their venue and together we planned menus in addition we would furnish the venue with tables, chairs and crockery.  Plan completed in addition a step by step itinerary of the day for the front of house team to provide full management on the day.  Wedding Reception package completed including the hire of glass ware, tables and chairs, decorations, cutlery and crockery.

Hog Roast Catering

Preparing the Menu

Chef and his catering team arrived at the venue with enough time to slow cook the hog roast in our own marinade.  Slow cooking as well as regular basting gives the hog roast that distinctive succulent flavour.  In addition the team prepared a range of our own canapés as well as the salad dishes.  With our own recipe garlic roasted, delicious, and finally dessert of white chocolate and raspberry brûlée cheese cake to finish the feast.  The barbecue was ready to cook 180 sausages including pork and sage, lamb and mint and the slightly spicy hot rod.  In addition chef cooked beef burgers, cajun and BBQ chickens with peppers and onions, and roasted halloumi cheese.

Wedding and Reception

Guests gather wedding celebrations begin, and waiting at door the front of house team ready with drinks.  Waiting for the Bride and Groom the team circulated with trays of canapés and welcomed the guests. The happy couple arrived and greeted their guests with glasses of champagne.   The food was ready, family friends, the bride and groom took their places at table, our team served the main course.

The food was delicious and the white chocolate and raspberry brûlée cheese cake add sweetness to a truly sweet event.  Later that evening an ice cream van had been hired to attend we were treated to an ice cream.

It was a privilege to work for such a wonderful couple.  Succulent Pig staff would like to wish them a long and happy life together.


‘Birthday celebrations commence, family, friends, guests gather.’

Birthday Celebrations Commence, Family, Friends, Guests gather.

Setting up for Birthday celebrations and Barbecue

Birthday celebrations commence, family, friends, guests gather. The Chef and his Catering team arrived in the garden of Lyn the birthday girl.  Setting up the equipment to give us plenty of time to have everything ready for the celebrations to commence.

We set up our canopy as well as the equipment and unpacked our fresh ingrediants.   The garden was the perfect setting with enough room to barbeque safely.  Chef and his team started the preparation of the pork together with the burgers and sausages.  The pork needs to cook for a long period of time to get that melt in the mouth pulled pork.  With the pork cooking slowly in the back ground the

Preparing the Side Dishes

With this in mind Chef turned to preparation of the side dishes.  We chose the combination of tomato and mozarella a lovely fresh summer taste.  Chef  prepared and baked the Spanish quiche, at the same time the halloumi was roasted giving it that smoky flavour.  Finally the loose leaf salad a long with our coleslaw completed all the side dishes.

Finally the team prepped three flavour sausages, 100% beef burgers, Cajun and barbecued chicken.  Our timings are meticulous as each element is equally important.


The guests were ready to eat, the team laid out the side dishes and prepared to serve the pulled pork, sausages and beef burgers.  For this reason hiring us to cater for your party ensures that you get food prepared on site, cooked to perfection and served on time.

The Butcher of Brogdale is our butcher of choice, their meat has good provenance is tasty and local to reduce our carbon footprint.

Finally, family friends, guests enjoy the party.

Birthday celebrations commence, family, friends, guests gather

Family, friends and guests arrived to the aroma of roasting pork and joined Lyn in her garden to begin the birthday fun. Guests helped themselves to drinks and canapes as our team circulated round with trays.

The team served the food and the drinks were circulated round guests.  Chef said “in this case it is equally important to realise that the timing of food preparation, cooking and delivery was critical”.

The pork particularly needed to melt in the mouth, as well as the flaversome sausages were ready at the same time.  It was a real pleasure to see the party goers eating and enjoying their food.  This included the late comers who arrived as we were packing up to go, we unpacked and made sure that they had enough to eat to.  Great night and look forward to meeting up with this family again in the future.

Hog Roast Kent

Thank you for the great feedback, it’s good to know that everyone enjoyed the food and there was plenty for everyone. See testimonial.



Christening Party Gillingham welcomes 95 guests

Christening Party Gillingham, great opportunity for a Succulent Pig Hog Roast.

Christening Party Gillingham celebrations commenced  in Kent on 14th August, 2016. The Christening Party Gillingham took place at Hempstead.  Succulent Pig Hog Roast Catering Company were delighted to be invited to provide the catering for 95 guests.

Early Arrivals

It is important to realise that the team always arrive early to have enough time to cook and prepare the food.  Timing is critical to made sure that all the dishes are ready to serve at the same time.  With this in mind the Chef and his team have lots of cooking experience and knowledge of our machines and barbecues.

Christening Party preparations

Chef Angela and Catering Assistant Sam started the marinade and the pork was placed into the hog roast machine.  Most of our customers love crispy crackling so we get the cooking temperature just right.

Whilst the hog roast was roasting slowly in our own recipe marinade.  The team prepared the barbecue for our specialist sausages and prepped the salads.  We prefer to prepare our additional side dishes on site.  We know then that our salads are fresh and full of flavour.

The team then went on to prepare two of our popular speciality flavour sausages. The choice was pork with sage, and our hot rod (with the mild flavour of chilli).  Accompanying the pork and sausages were our hot minted new potatoes, served at the same time, accompanied by the freshly made range of salads.

Ready to Serve

The staff work hard to ensure that the food and the service are excellent.  Our Chef and his Catering Assistant like to go the extra mile.  When the opportunity arose to help out, the family welcomed their guests our staff handed around drinks.

The food was ready on time and guests were able to help themselves.  They really enjoyed the flavour and melt in the mouth taste of the pork.  In due time the crackling was lovely and crispy.

The cake was ready to serve at the same time our team offered to plate up and serve.  I think from the feedback they did a really good job.

We thank our customers for their testimonial.  We appreciate the family taking the time to comment on our service.

Christening Party Gillingham reaches conclusion

The christening party was complete, likewise the food had been served, to say nothing of the many empty plates and full stomachs.  The happy smiles, laughter and thanks passed on by the family of course completed the day for our chef and his team.

Customer Feedback


“Highly recommend and will definitely be coming back again.  For our next event a special request for this team again.” S. Mc.

Its particular pleasing to know that we have helped to make the day special.

Finally we take pride in the amount of work we get from repeat bookings.  On the positive side we know that we have helped to contribute to the celebrations of an another important event.

Chef and his team welcome the great feedback we receive from all our customers, thank you for taking the time to write.