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The Brogdale Hog Roast Hire Company is a family run business, established since 2010 and we have been slowly expanding our range of services and products to meet our customers’ requirements across Kent, East Sussex and South London.

The Brogdale Hog Roast Hire now caters for all celebrations with our onsite chefs and catering staff or hiring our hog roaster so that our customers have a choice to cook for themselves.

We have recently added our own secret family recipes’ and gourmet menus for our customers to choose from. We pride ourselves on meeting any budget from our range of buffet menus to gourmet feasts. We can provide food at any time of the day or night and include all beverages’. If you have specialist dietary needs or want to present a vegetarian menu we can cater for that to.


Corporate Events

Gourmet Roasts

Special Occasions

Hog Roast Hire

Hogroast Hire - Weddings

Weddings are a wonderful occasion when family and friends gather to celebrate but this can be a stressful time for the organisers. Taking some of that stress away by taking over all your catering needs.

Menu Range

A range of menus and ideas to meet your budgets.

Use the enquiry form and our planners will arrange to meet with you for a free no obligation quote.

Delicious Buffets

Provide delicious buffets to sit down menus with our serving staff and on site chefs. A hog roast can be a centre piece to your special day, or if you prefer another meat such as beef, lamb or chicken we can provide that to, call for a free quote.

Cater your Entire Day

A wedding breakfast for family and friends to a sit-down menu for dinner we can cater your entire day from .

Need help

Need help with organising tables, chairs, crockery, glasses and any additional furniture to compliment your own arrangements.

Contact our planners

Contact our planners together we can put together a plan and menu for your wedding and ensure that your day goes without a hitch. Your guests will be delighted with the range of delicious food we can offer and serve. click to see..  Gourmet Feast – Special Occasions

Wedding - FAQs

We will arrive at least 7 hours before the time of service and prepare all you food from scratch using fresh ingredients and cooking your chosen meats and vegetables.

Our front of house staff will dress your tables for you. We will on request place any trinkets or name tags on the tables

At the appropriate times we will put opened red wine, chilled white wine and chilled water on the tables.

The Wedding Breakfast is served Buffet style by the chef, assistants and front of house staff.

After you and your guests have finished eating at their tables our front of house staff will clear away the plates and used cutlery.


(We can prepare and make handmade canapés and party bites and serve alongside your reception drinks, priced separately)

Your reception drinks prepared and served with the following canapé selection

Tray of seafood mix.

Filo prawns,

King prawns with pineapple

Spiced breadcrumb flavoured king prawns

Battered Butter fly king prawn

Sesame king prawn on toast Served with a sweet chilli dip.

Vegetarian tray.

Mozzarella cheese bites,

Haloumi cheese kebabs on cocktail sticks

Button mushrooms filled with various flavoured cheeses and cooked in the oven.

Vegetable spring roll.

Mini pizzas

Tray of Pate and smoked Salmon

Duck pate served with sliver of orange on toast

Fillet of smoked salmon wrapped round small batons of cucumber on toast (bite size)

Tray of Flavoured Sausages from the Butcher of Brogdale

Selection of flavoured sausages cut to bite size and presented on a cocktail stick.

Pork and leek, pork and sage, lamb and mint, hot rod (slightly chilli flavoured) Served warm

Tray of fruit cocktail

Selection of melon cubes, passion fruit and grapes on a cocktail stick

A pleasant mouth refresher before going to the lunch table

A Qualified chef and Kitchen assistant will prepare for your the following.

Please choose from:

free range apple fed pig, salt marsh lamb, beef or chicken supplied by the award winning butcher, The Butcher of Brogdale. (You may have two meats quoted extra) These meats are cooked to perfection, the Pig with golden crackling and the Salt Marsh Lamb is seasoned with Rosemary and Garlic, other meats seasoned accordingly.

Your chosen Meat is carved for you as you come to get your food Buffet style from our Serving tables covered with crisp white Linen.

Served with your meats will be the following, Sage and Onion Stuffing, Apple sauce, Mint sauce, Red Current Sauce. Soft rolls either at Serve table or on side plate.

Please choose from:

Roasted new potatoes in Rosemary and Garlic or Minted new potatoes tossed in Melting Butter

Please choose from:

Seasonal Vegetables

Batons of Parsnips and carrots with a Honey Glaze, Broccoli and Cauliflower, Green beans and sliced carrots, (an alternative vegetable can also be used)

Chefs special Gravy made with Gluten free gravy granules, meat juices, red wine and red currant jelly. Bread Rolls and butter portions will placed on to side plates.


Salad Selection.

Choose from Greek salad, Caesar, Waldorf or loose leaf salad,

You get all the following

Pasta salad with Garlic and herb dressing, Tomato and mozzarella with torn basil leaves and pesto drizzle,

Creamy Handmade Coleslaw.

The following Vegetarian Options will be offered,

Spanish or Mediterranean Quiche (serves 12) and

Roasted Root Vegetables in Spice and mixed with rice and stuffed into a Roasted Red or Green Pepper.

Depending on the number of Vegetarians extra quiches will be added


We can provide individually cooked Salmon Steaks En Papillote or a Dressed Salmon of approximately 5-6 kilos with prawn, king prawns

These are salmon steaks, placed in parchment paper with slices of lemon and lime, fresh dill and parsley and South African white wine poured over the Salmon steak which is sealed inside the parchment paper and roasted in the oven, the Salmon is served to the guest still wrapped so that they can open the Package and have all the aromours waft out and all the juices are there to be savoured. The whole salmon is cooked the same way but then chilled and prepared on the day of the Wedding.

You then have a dessert choice, we can serve you either

Desserts dressed with summer fruits and cream

Our most popular and fitting dessert after the Hog Roast meal is

White Chocolate and Raspberry Brulee cheese cake, (other choices are available)

Served to your tables by our Front of House Staff

If you choose this option the front of house staff will clear Dessert plates once a whole table finished eating and

serve toasting charged Glasses with your provided drinks ready for speeches to start

The wedding cake would be cut when you choose, once cut we will remove it, cut and portion the cake and place in serviettes

The wrapped cake portions will be put on tray(s) and placed on a buffet table.


We will ask you to slice your wedding cake and then we remove it and whilst you have speeches and toasts

(The toasting Drinks will be served to you table before Slicing the cake)

The chef and assistants will cut and portion your Wedding Cake, plate it on Fruit coulis, dressed with summer fruits and

Piped chantelle cream, and then the front of house will serve your wedding cake to the tables as a dessert.

Front of house staff will when everyone on a table has finished eating clear the dessert plates.

The Cost of the Wedding Breakfast for your guests people with no canapés, reception drinks served, mains with the Wedding Cake cut and plated and served as a Dessert and your crockery and Cutlery included in the price.

With teas and coffees served to tables

With Canapés and teas and coffees added

The Cost of the Wedding Breakfast for 130 people with canapés, but with your chosen dessert an wedding cake cut and wrapped and your crockery and cutlery included in the price.

With teas and coffees served to tables.

This includes a Chef and catering assistant and front of house staff covering, clearing, serving of drinks reception and toasting, serving and clearing of wedding cake served as dessert or chosen dessert, clearing desserts serving teas and coffees, clearing tables after.

If you are having evening guests we do offer our Wedding Evening Hog Roast themed BBQ

A chef to cook on the Hog Roast BBQ plate and serve for up to two hours.

(This can cover up to 70-80 extra guests and rolls provided to cover both day and evening guests.)

This allows evening guests to enjoy hog roast meats from earlier in the day safely reheated through, and the day time guests to savour our four Brogdale handmade sausages, pork and leek, Pork sage and onion, Flaming Hot (nice chilli kick) and the lamb and mint and the Brogdale 100% Beef Burgers, chicken kebabs, veggie kebabs, rolls, and an assortment of Sauces to go with the BBQ served with serviettes, quality paper plates and plastic knives and forks,

All cooked meats at the end of cooking and service will be placed onto a Buffet table for guests to help themselves, black bags will be left for disposal at the end of the night should we have left.

We do not run licenced bars but if you need to have bar staff to serve your own pre-bought alcohol and free bar then we can provide staff.

We can on your behalf obtain quotes for your table linen any glassware that you will need for your event, we will manage the arrangements and delivery times, all we ask you to do is pay our supplier separately and his terms are cash on delivery,

Our supplier of crockery and cutlery is “At Your Service Orpington” and if you book with us we will give you a choice of three quality styles of plate ware which we will show you at an appropriate time, “At Your Service” will, if you book with them to supply table linen and glassware give you a 10% discount.

We will clear away and take with us all our rubbish apart from any food left at the buffet for which we will leave black bags for later disposal, we will quietly go about our business and treat you and your guests with respect and courtesy, we will discretely leave and let you continue to enjoy your dancing and socialising.

We wish you the very best for your future together.

We ask for 10 per cent deposit to be paid to secure the booking.

The Quotation is open for discussion and negotiation, any of the dishes can be altered to your personal preference, being qualified chefs we are able to provide most kinds of dishes, we do understand even after the deposit has been paid you may wish to add or alter the menu.

If we are notified at least three weeks in advance of change of numbers adjustment can be made to the final price but our prices are not calculated on a price per head it is about the quality of food being served, the staff required and the service that is involved.

Please feel free to call to discuss the above or email me your questions to be answered.

Anthony Round, telephone no. 07972 684332

We can manage the hire of the marquee, crockery, glass hire, bar and bar staff

We help by taking the worry and strain from the couple and by being available so you can call Anthony on 07972684332 at anytime to talk through the wedding. The on going service includes site visits, time schedules of the day and any special dishes for guests with dietary needs or Vegetarian dishes.

We are a professional hog roasting company that can provide specialist hog roast and spit roasts where customer want Gourmet standard food, including Porchetta, Boned and rolled legs of lamb cooked to pink, Roast joints of Beef to pink, wild boar, and Venison

Gourmet Feast Hog Roast

Gourmet Feast Hog Roast. The History of Porchetta and the traditional Italian way of having the whole pig deboned and filled with herbs.  Then deboned the pig is put onto a hog roast pole and slow roasted providing a centre piece to any banquet. We ensure that any meat we provide is from a reputable supplier who uses traditional methods and is full of flavour and provides the tastiest food.

Aroma of roasting meat accompanied with a range of other dishes prepared by our chefs’ makes our banquets memorable.  Good food is at the heart of our business, we pride ourselves on our service and expertise our chefs present.

Dietary Catering

Catering for all dietary requirements and can provide an impressive range of vegetarian options.  If you need to comply with religious principles or customs, then we can provide catering to meet any requirements.

For small parties our chef will debone legs and shoulders of pork and fill with fresh herbs and garlic. We use some of our own secret family recipes.

Use our enquiry form to contact us, we can provide a no obligation free quote and plan your banquet together.

Contact Us

Gourmet Menus

Gourmet Feast Hog Roast

Please feel free to look at the following menus if you would like something a little different to the traditional hogroast.

Sample Menus

The following sample menus can be made into 3 course meals with our Selection of starters, and a choice of desserts.

Request these and we will provide you the choices that are available at the time of your event due to seasonal changes

Boned and rolled joints of pork

Boned and rolled joints of pork filled with traditional Italian herbs for small party numbers

Whole Pig boned and filled with herbs and spices

Whole Pig boned and filled with herbs and spices traditional Italian style for large parties and slow roasted to perfection, Sage and onion stuffing, apple sauce, Rolls Roasted New potatoes in Rosemary and Garlic, Roasted batons of Parsnip in Honey Glaze, Cauliflower and Broccoli, Sliced Carrots, Green Beans, Chefs home made Gluten Free Gravy.


Our salad selection of Minted New potatoes

Our salad selection of Minted New potatoes, Greek or loose leaf salad, pasta salad with Garlic and herb dressing, tomato and mozzarella and a creamy handmade coleslaw, a vegetarian option will be offered with this meal

Legs and shoulders of lamb

Legs and shoulders of lamb with apricot and Cranberry Stuffing with seasonal vegetables or salads.

Boned and rolled leg of lamb filled with an apricot, cranberry and rosemary stuffing and chefs special gravy. Makes a great specialist meal with rolls roasted new potatoes in rosemary and garlic, roasted batons of parsnip in honey glaze, cauliflower and broccoli, sliced carrots, green beans, chefs home made gluten free gravy.


Salad Selection

Our salad selection of minted new potatoes, Greek or loose leaf salad, pasta salad with garlic and herb dressing, tomato and mozzarella and a creamy handmade coleslaw, a vegetarian option will be offered with this meal

Roast Rib of Beef or Topside/Silverside large joints with seasonal vegetables



We have the skills to produce the ultimate hog roast Rib of Beef, the joint is prepared carefully with the following. Sifted flour with freshly ground pepper, salt, paprika, onion power, garlic powder, and this is slow roasted in the hog roast on a rack of root vegetables. Creating a lovely mixture of flavours for the juices to make a great chefs special gravy.

Yorkshire puddings

Oh and not to forget the Yorkshire puddings to accompany the carved beef. The Rack of Rib is cooked to our secret temperatures, rested and then carved to pink or as required. Roasted New potatoes in Rosemary and Garlic, Roasted batons of Parsnip in Honey Glaze, Cauliflower and Broccoli, Sliced Carrots, Green Beans, Chefs homemade Gluten Free Gravy.



Our salad selection of Minted New potatoes, Greek or loose leaf salad, pasta salad with Garlic and herb dressing, tomato and mozzarella and a creamy handmade coleslaw, a vegetarian option will be offered with this meal

First meat,

shoulders of pork filled with herbs and slow roasted on a rack of vegetables and basted with its own juices as it slowly cooks sealed in it tray.

This will be cooked till it falls apart and becomes what is known as pulled pork.

The vegetables and juices will be blended to make a succulent sauce and poured over the pork.

What a dish full of flavour.

Second meat,

is slow roasted lamb with garlic cloves buried in the flesh and draped with rosemary cooked slowly till the joint falls apart served with a jus and root vegetable.

Third meat,

is our Slow roasted Silverside of beef, a lovely cut of beef slow roasted over a bed of root vegetable.

The beef is rubbed with whole grain mustard, seasoned with ground cracked black pepper and ground sea salt, basted with its own juices.

Throughout its long cook till the joint is falling apart to make pulled beef, the juices from the beef are blended with the root vegetables to make a jus and poured over the pulled beef.

This dish comes with Roasted New potatoes, or Chefs Smooth Mashed potatoes,

Yorkshire pudding, Seasonal vegetables, Roasted parsnips, and chef’s handmade gluten free gravy.

Gourmet Cheese Platter.

The Cheesemakers of Canterbury 3 cheese selection tray and fine biscuits

The renowned Kentish Ashmore Cheddar, the Kentish Blue and the Kentish Brie, cubed and dressed on a platter, with strawberries draped with Green and Red Grapes served with a fine selection of biscuits


White Chocolate and Raspberry brulee cheesecake dressed with summer fruits and chantelle cream

Fruit Salad,

Selection of Melon

Chocolate Fantasy Gateaux served with summer fruits and chantelle cream banoffee pie or banoffee cheese cake served with summer fruits and chantelle cream

Strawberry cheesecake. Served with summer fruits and chantelle cream

Lemon tart. Served with summer fruits and chantelle cream