Corona Virus Update

Succulent Pig A.Round Hogroasts and Catering Services Ltd.

We are taking the Coronavirus outbreak very seriously following considerations and guidelines from the Government. We will continue with our private events, Weddings and Corporate events Catering Business subject to any further Government forcible interventions.

  1. Please advise if any of your guests are suffering from an extended cough or shortness of breath, a high temperature that they should not come to your planned event.

  2. We recommend that you ask your guests to refrain from shaking hands or hugging on meeting family and friends.

  3. That you have bacterial hand gel in the washing rooms and ask that your guests to wash their hands for the recommended 20 seconds and have hand towels with adequate disposal.

  4. We as your supplier will have a rigorous hand wash routine and use of blue catering gloves when working with your food.

  5. We will regularly clean and finish with an antibacterial spray on our food preparation surface in accordance with food hygiene recommendations.

  6. Our staff will not attend work should they be suffering from an extended cough or shortness of breath, a high temperature, and if they have done so have self-isolated themselves for 14 days and then sought medical clearance before returning to work.

  7. We will constantly update our Prevention Guidelines as directed by the Government and our NCASS membership Guidelines

  8. We have been advised that small groups up to 150 people of family member or family members and work colleagues should if they are applying the above rules be able to attend Weddings,  garden Parties and Corporate events. 
  9. We do accept that this is a Highly serious Health matter that is changing daily. 

  10. Please be advised that it is your responsibility to make the final decision to hold your event subject to Government guidelines or statutory preventions.

  11. We do not accept any liability of any persons being present with Coronavirus or contracting at your location.

  12. In view of the situation we are offering our customers a refund of 50% of the deposit should a last minute cancellation have to happen because of the Coronavirus Health advise.

We are still taking bookings for this spring and summer and obviously for the next year and the year after.


Anthony Round

Director/Head chef

Succulent Pig

A.Round Hog Roasts and Catering Services Ltd.