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Hog Roast - Menu 3

Hog Roast with chosen meats with Salad or Seasonal Vegetables

A Slow Roasted Free Range Pig.

 A whole pig slowly roasted. Carved and served by our professional chefs


Either Lamb or Beef or Chicken or Turkey,


Three Meat Slow Roast

Joints of Pork, Joints of Lamb and topside of Beef

Served with the following,
Freshly made Apple Sauce or accompanying condiments


Hog roast themed BBQ, Choose one of the above meats and then you get

Four flavours of sausages, Burgers to feed your number of guests, tray of Cajun chicken with peppers and onion, tray of BBQ chicken with peppers and onion, Roasted Halloumi in spice with peppers and onion, fried onions, and assortment of sauces.

Home made Sage and Onion Stuffing 

Soft floured bread rolls 

Accompanying Dishes.

Choose from;

Minted new potatoes tossed in melting butter

 Fresh new potatoes cooked with fresh mint and tossed in butter.


 Slightly Spiced Potato wedges

Freshly prepared salad

A Mixture of Freshly Spring Leaves. Including Lambs Leaves, Curly Endive And Lollo Rosso. With Spring Onions, Diced Cucumber and halved and whole cherry tomatoes. Hand-Dressed by our chefs

Pasta Salad

Tri-coloured pasta twists, tossed with diced cucumber, Spring Onion.

 Chopped tomatoes and celery mixed with Garlic and Herb Dressing

Tomato And Mozzarella Salad
Well sourced Tomatoes, sliced and layered with sliced Mozzarella. Drizzled with pesto dressing, seasoned with rock salt, cracked black pepper and fresh basil. Adding colour and a vibrant flavour

Creamy Handmade Coleslaw

Sliced red and white cabbage, chopped red and white onion and grated carrots

Mixed with a thick cream mayonnaise

Home Made Vegetarian Option

Spanish/Mediterranean Quiche.  

This Service Includes: 

Professional staff to roast your meat at your venue. Carve your meats, and set up a service using our chafing dishes for hot food and a salad table. All food is served buffet style.
All dishes to be created freshly on site. We supply disposable plates and plastic cutlery
We bring with us a Gazebo to cover the cooking and serving area (should the weather or yourselves require it.)
We provide serving tables laid with linen.
Any left-over meat to be either carved and served on a platter, or wrapped and handed to you


Anthony Round – 07972 684 332

Hog Roast crispy crackling
Hog Roast Menu

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