Marie Taylor

Marie Taylor reached the big 40 and decided that she would have a hog roast to celebrate her birthday. Although she had only a small back garden and was concerned whether we could cater for her event we reassured her that we would either cook in the rear garden if enough room or cook out the front and then if needs be serve out the back only.

The event was in Lordswood and once the home of the Royal Navy. Marie’s chef was Stephen and on arrival it was soon decided that the whole hog, cooking and serving would be done from the front garden with guests quite happy to come out the front door for their food. Stephen stated it was the coldest of days and he was in the shade so the white frost stayed throughout the day, at least the hog roast Lordswood machine warmed the gazebo he was working under. What a better way to celebrate your 40th birthday and to make it such a special day Marie’s Boyfriend proposed to her in front of all the guests and she accepted.

I received the following email the following day already putting him on alert that Spitting Pig Kent’s catering services would be considered for the Wedding in November 2015.

So once again Spitting Pig Kent has managed to show it can set up in the smallest of places and serve in sometimes not the normal of places but still make all the guests happy with the service of food.

Marie Taylor 40

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