Hitting Milestones 200 years in business & 60 years at Royston

Succulent Pig Cater Johnson Matthey Sumer Fun Day.  Johnson Matthey invited us to take part in their Summer Fun Day.  Johnson Matthey wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to their staff.

Summer Fun saw a variety of fun things to do on inflatables from sumo suits for wrestling to bungee jumping.  A large marquee showcased some of the science activities as well as artefacts and memories of their past.   There were side stalls, live music and a bar serving mocktails as well as the services of mixologists

Succulent Pig cater Johnson Matthey summer fun day
Succulent Pig cater Johnson Matthey summer fun day

Getting Ready to feed the Celebrations Roasting

Succulent Pig cater Johnson Matthey summer fun day

Our team from Succulent Pig arrived on site at 6.30 am to set up our equipment in addition the gazebo.  We unloaded the Hog Master, the tables and servery and we were ready to start cooking.  Our marinated pigs were ready to go into the Hog Master for roasting, nevertheless this takes many hours of basting.  

Roasting slowly together with consistent basting produces an amazing flavour and retains moisture.  The melt in the mouth taste with smoky barbecue flavour is our signature dish.

Equally important are the additional side dishes made on site with fresh ingredients. Our chef and his team commenced the preparation of the accompanying dishes of minted new potatoes in melted butter, potato wedges.  We prepped the seasonal green salad, in addition our delicious pasta salad with garlic and herb dressing along with our rainbow coleslaw.  Alongside this were thick wedges of sun ripened tomatoes with mozzarella drizzled with pesto and torn basil leaves to release their flavour.

We were ready now to prepare our Vegetarian home-made Mediterranean Quiche as well as our succulent Red Peppers stuffed with roasted root vegetables, rice and our own combination of spices.


Our chafing dishes were ready the barbecue was fired up and ready to start cooking our additional dishes.  We had two flavoured Butcher of Brogdale, sausages pork and sage and welsh dragon as well as the beef burgers.  Our Cajun chicken and BBQ chicken was ready to serve with peppers and onions.

The roasted halloumi in spice with peppers and onions were ready.  The apple sauce and sage and onion stuffing were heating nicely and we were ready to serve.
We use soft floured hot dog rolls as well as bread rolls were piled up ready to go and the crowds were waiting and we were ready. 

 We use good quality disposable cutlery and plates as part of our service.

The Summer Fun Day reaches its conclusion

All fabulous days out have to reach their end and so it was, all the food was consumed and our team were exhausted.
The team consensus was a wonderful day with lots of really positive feedback.  The large quantity of food we had brought with us was completely consumed with people coming back for seconds and thirds.  

We love it, we have thoroughly enjoyed the day and wish Johnson and Matthey another hundred years of trading,  Congratulations to all the staff and thanks for all the great feed back.

Succulent Pig cater Johnson Matthey summer fun day

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