Succulent Pig catering Royal St Georges Golf Club hosts 122nd Amateur Golf

Royal St Georges Golf Club hosts the 122nd Amateur Golf Championship 2017.

Succulent Pig were honoured to be invited to cater for 350 guests at Royal St Georges Golf Club in Sandwich.  Royal St Georges Golf Club hosts 122nd Amateur Golf end of Practice Day presentation and Hog roast for this years National Competitors.

Royal St Georges Golf Club welcomed 350 players from around the world to the 122nd Amateur Golf Championship.  Match plays took place over three days culminating in an edge of the seat final round.  

Congratulations to Harry Ellis who with 5 holes to go and three holes down managed to play some outstanding golf and won on the final hole.

This year Succulent Pig A.Round Hog Roasts and Catering Services were invited to cater for the National Amateur Golf Championships Hogroast. Not only feeding 350 international golfers but also stewards green keepers organisers and the golf clubs staff.

Not only did we roast three pigs we also had the barbecue going as well.  We served pulled pork from the fresh pigs and also flavoured some of it with a jerk seasoning.  Alongside this we barbecued two flavours of the Butcher of Brogdale sausages, including pork and sage and slightly spicy.

Royal St Georges Golf Club
Royal St Georges Golf Club

Invited to feed them all including all the support staff were Succulent Pig, Around Hog Roast & Catering Services.

The team arrived, and set up our canopy in the early hours and prepared the Hog Master roaster.  Notably our delectable three pigs infused in our special pulled pork sauce and jerk seasoning were ready for roasting.  The whole pigs need to cook slowly to give that smoky flavour and mouth-watering fall off the bone pork.

As well as the pork cooking we set up the barbecue and got ready to serve our traditional pork and sage also our spicy sausages.  Accompanying this was a beautiful light vegetarian quiche including our vegan stuffed peppers.  Side dishes were new potatoes, green salads, pasta salad along with tomato and mozzarella and creamy coleslaw.

Royal St Georges Golf Club hosts 122nd Amateur Golf

We welcomed the golfers, stewards, green keepers and also staff and organisers to the buffet served by our team.  The food was ready, another great success for us, with golfers coming back for seconds and third helpings.  By the time we had finished the only things we had to pack up was our equipment.  In addition the food had all been consumed and we received great feed back.

We received great reviews for the food from the clubs’ staff and secretary
Once again our award winning meats supplied from the Butcher of Brogdale did us proud.

Succulent Pig catering Royal St Georges Golf Club hosts 122nd Amateur Golf

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