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Succulent Pig Hog Roast London provides their Hog Roast, Spit Roast, Barbecue, Catering Services and Hog Roast Machine Hire in and around London and the Suburbs.

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Our Ancestors arrived in London and promptly built a fire to give them comfort, cook their hog roast, fill empty stomachs and deter predators. Although we no longer need to worry about 4 legged predators we still need to eat and fire brings warmth and comfort to us all.

Our Ancestors arrived in London and promptly built a fire to give them comfort, cook their hog roast, fill empty stomachs and deter predators. Although we no longer need to worry about 4 legged predators we still need to eat and fire brings warmth and comfort to us all.

Our Ancestors arrived in London and promptly built a fire to give them comfort, cook their hog roast, fill empty stomachs and deter predators. Although we no longer need to worry about 4 legged predators we still need to eat and fire brings warmth and comfort to us all.

The City of London has evidence of people crossing the river during the Mesolithic and the Bronze Age. The Romans arrived in London and start building only to have it burnt to the ground with the arrival of Boudica fighting off Roman occupation. The Romans then built the first wall to protect the people and London grew.

The Anglo Saxons continued to develop the area now known as Covent Garden and London flourished as people took up residence. Alfred the Great established a Mint and the city grew in wealth with busy markets.

The Danes arrived and once again London was under attack, looted and burnt London rose from the ashes to become stronger.

William the Conqueror after defeating King Harold was crowned in Westminster Abbey, and the Tower of London was built. The development of Smithfield Meat Market was the first opportunity for Londoners to have access to large amounts of meat in one area.

Beckenham Cricket Club Hog Roast or Spit Roast London

Beckenham Cricket Club hosted a party to celebrate the teams wins for this season. They chose Succulent Pig Hog Roast Catering to provide the food for 165 members and guests.

The marquee was set out with tables dressed with crisp table linen and balloons ready for the celebration.

The guests gathered as our hog roast reached mouth-watering tender succulent pork ready to serve. Guests were delighted to receive a roll with roasted pork, crispy crackling with sage and onion stuffing and apple sauce. Along with this were three different flavours of sausages, roasted potatoes, and a variety of salads we also delivered our own recipe coleslaw, and tomato and mozzarella salad.

To complete the feast, the club had organised cheese boards with fruit and a variety of cup-cakes and cheesecakes

Many stories were told and memories of past victories recaptured over the course of the meal, the general consensus was excellent food, some great stories and wonderful memories of some great wins.

We look forward to returning in the future.

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Outdoor Catering in London

Succulent Pig Roast London likes to know the provenance and quality of the meat we buy and supply our customers.  That’s why we source all our food locally so that we know it’s the best.

Markets thrived across London with the growth of the population from surrounding towns and villages. As the population increased so did the opportunity for entrepreneurs to sell cooked food. London has witnessed many changes with fire, outbreaks of the plague, changes in leadership, civil war and yet the city continued to thrive and grow throughout the Medieval period into the Tudor period.

Londoners coped with the changes in religion, the loss of the monasteries, the development of the Church of England.  Government intrigues, plots against individuals and murder, poor conditions and the outbreak of disease prompted a change in the infrastructure.

Queen Elizabeth I bought in a golden age for the United Kingdom bringing in wealth and prestige as well as the continuation of plots and counter plots resulting in the execution of Mary Queen of Scots.  Exploration around the world bought in new foods and new allies and enemies.  With the defeat of the Armada, the Navy maintained the security of the shores and played a significant role in all the ensuing wars.

During the Stuart period saw the coronation of King Charles I and execution 23 years later.  There are some wonderful examples of the building boom that took place during this period.  As well as the rise in entertainment and Shakespeare’s plays appearing at the Globe, London continued to thrive and expand.  With the growth in the population and the continuing development of homes and businesses some of the surrounding villages were absorbed into the ever expanding city to form Greater London today.

In the 17th Century following the death of Elizabeth, King James l and IV son of Mary Queen of Scots united England, Scotland and Wales. Many wealthy Londoners had access to running water in their homes.  London continued to expand out to the villages absorbing them into Greater London.  Following the Great Fire in 1666 houses were then built in bricks and stone to reduce the risk of fire spreading again.

During the 18th century saw the building of Buckingham Palace as well as a variety of iconic beautiful Georgian buildings still in use today.  London remains as popular today welcoming tourists and new city dwellers from all over the world who wish to work and live in London.

The city has experienced everything across the centuries from civil wars to world wars, invasions, disasters, the plague and epidemics, and yet despite all that London continues to grow and welcomes all-comers.  London is a vibrant multi-cultural city that continues to grow in wealth and population with people who not only work hard but who play hard.  There is everything available to entertain from theatres, museums, open spaces and parks as well as art and design.

Parties and Celebrations

Continuing with the tradition of feeding and entertaining guests, there are some great venues in London available for anyone to hire and celebrate important events in their lives. Along with providing a celebration space is the need to provide the best quality of catering. We offer just that with Succulent Pig Hog Roast Catering Services. With many years of experience and well trained chefs, catering staff and front of house staff we are able to offer a memorable experience. We have an excellent reputation for reliability, delicious food, a great range of menus and competitive prices.

When your planning your celebration then contact Anthony and his team, they will remove all the stress of delivering some really tasty, mouth-wateringly tender feasts that you and your guests will love. Our Succulent Pig London wedding menus and our celebration London party menus are an opportunity to mix and match your own choice and range of food.

Wedding Hog Roast Catering in London

We arrive in plenty of time to meet your time scale for service, our front of house staff will greet your guests with trays of canapés and a glass of something special. Wedding Hog Roast London cooked slowly on our hog roast machine with your choice of meat, the aroma will have mouths watering. Served with the roast will be your choice of seasonal vegetables, salads and crispy roast potatoes. Choose your dessert and prepare to cut your wedding cake and we will ensure that it is served to all your guests.

If you would like something unusual choose our Vintage Afternoon tea with our delicate range of sandwiches, fresh scones, cream and jam and a range of cakes that are set out on our original cake stands served with tea and coffee, this goes equally well with a glass of champagne.

Hog Roast Machine Hire

One of the team will arrive in time so that you can cook your choice of meat in time for the time you wish to eat.

The driver will be able to teach you how to use your machine hire and will leave you with all the necessary equipment. Not only that but we will continue to provide telephone support throughout your celebration. You can feel safe in the knowledge that we are at the end of a phone if you need help or advice.

Corporate Events and Product Launches

Looking for some great food to serve at your Corporate Event, we bring sophistication and style with our wide range of catering services. Select our centre piece or choose from a range of other delicious and tender meats along with your choice of side dishes from seasonal vegetables and salads.

Whilst your guests gather our front of house staff will circulate discreetly handing out tasty canapes and drinks. Your main course can be served either as a buffet or the more formal table service. Finally, a choice of desserts and your feast is complete.

We have recently added our very successful vintage afternoon tea options to our menu range. This includes a range of sandwiches, fresh scones, jam and cream as well as a range of delicious cakes.

We have the experience of catering for large corporate events and product launches, book us today and know that you will have succulent well-cooked memorable food to serve your guests, so contact Anthony and his team, confirm your London Hog Roast Caterers booking and start planning your menu.


We have enjoyed working with Club Langley they are a perfect venue for weddings with great facilities, wonderful and helpful staff and we are now their recommended hog roast supplier which is great news.

So if you’re looking for a venue for your celebration or your planning your reception then we recommend that you consider Club Langley http://www.clublangley.co.uk and then book Anthony and his team for all your catering needs.

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