Previous Years News

This years Environmental Health officer inspection went well, especially with the new rating system being implemented with my local council

A.Round HogRoasts and Catering Services received a Food Hygiene Rating of 5. This is the highest award and will be published at as of April 2012. The company scored five in all the criteria Assessed…. Compliance with Food hygiene and safety procedures 5 Compliance with Structural requirements 5 and Confidence in Management/control procedures 5

The hard work and investment by Chef Anthony Round in getting the new machines in, portable hand wash basins three way cooler boxes and working with the Environmental officer in making a first class outside kitchen setup has been rewarded with this top rating.

Over the winter months Chef Anthony Round has been working hard in doing his NVQ level 3 diploma in Professional cookery and culinary skills and the management training has now given Anthony the confidence to purchase another 5 machines and to put in place a move to an office where his butcher is in Faversham. K college Folkestone is working with Anthony to fast track him over the next few weeks so he can finish his course early but still acquire all the credits for his qualification. This is will not happen until later into the Spring but the benefit of this move will allow customers purchasing their weekly shopping to go direct to him if they are interested in Hiring a machine and pig or having the full outside catering event covered by Anthony and his team.. This year will see extra teams will be working with A.RoungHogRoasts and Catering Services. The will be trained by Anthony and will have food safety level 2 or higher.

Bookings are coming fast and furious with a number of Weddings being booked for next year. There are all the normal birthday bookings and house parties coming in to and this year Anthony is covering St Patrick’s day at a local fitness club and the end of Season Rugby Game.

Chef Anthony is now able to give a full consultation with clients to build the perfect wedding reception. He has built Business links with Marquee companies and Plate and crockery, and linen table cloth and linen napkin hirer’s. Anthony will be building in some Wedding packages where waitress service will be available and front of house.

The best new of all is that Anthony and Luba are getting married themselves in May, Because of bookings however the preplanned date has now changed to a midweek date and the honeymoon has been reduced by four days to get back for a Wedding Reception on the weekend.. This is the commitment and enthusiasm that Chef Anthony brings to you the customer. If you want a first class Hog Roast and Outside Cater then you just need to fill out the contact us section or ring Anthony on his mobile 07972684332.

Winter Months

A.Round HogRoasts and Catering Services have been very busy during the months of May and June. A number of weekends have seen us have four teams out on a Saturday and some teams out the Sunday.

The Jubilee weekend went well with bookings from the Friday right through to the Tuesday

We still have dates available in July August and September because we now have the four teams available to go out and provide our top quality service.

In May we travelled to Mildenhall in Suffolk to cater for the BMW dealership and the owner came over with his colleagues from Germany , the purpose of the event in the end turned out to be his birthday and also the launch of the 2012 range. A lot went into the planning of this event with the hire of dance floors and tables and chairs, plates and crockery extra, we also hired in the wine and champagne glasses for the meal.

I also booked in a local company providing a mobile bar, we sent up the van early with the hog and the machines two chefs to start the cooking and food prep, they were then followed by 7 people carrier loaded with waiting staff to assist with the laying out of tables and chairs and dressing the tables, finally in the afternoon the final group arrived. We served canapés and champagne as a reception introduction and for the main meal we cooked and carved a flame roasted pig and served it with stuffing, roasted new potatoes with garlic and rosemary, honey glazed parsnips, cauliflower cheese, carrots and green beans and gravy, the desserts went down well, black forest gateau with a profiterole drizzled in chocolate and a quenelle of cream, finished with teas and coffees. This was a full waitress serving to the table of plated meats and potatoes and vegetables placed on the tables.

Back in Kent on our home ground we have also been busy with numerous events ranging from Garden parties, wedding receptions, birthdays and corporate events. Our Testimonial page has some of the feed back. One of the great moments we have enjoyed doing was the emergency training day at Detling Hill on the County Show Ground. This was an event organised by Community Resilience based Aylesford nr Maidstone. We were asked to cater for 200+ volunteers in an hour and a half slot with hog roast and salads and new potatoes, we were pre warned a few days before that numbers may go up by 50, on the day the challenge was set to provide up to 350 meals in the hour and half slot. We had two large pigs on the spit roast and we put together our standard salad selection of Greek salads, a range of pasta salads with subtle different dressings and hand made coleslaw, and new potatoes, We also offered a vegetarian pizza and Spanish quiche,

We were promised that people would come a few at a time but with briefings and the arrival of the search and rescue helicopter, everyone seemed to appear at once and the line of people wanting their meal looked never ending, We had a time frame to get them fed and watered, ( we had a tea station and cokes, orange and water bottles to go with the meal) Community Resilience provided a couple of extra helpers and I carved like mad, to make sure there was never any meat not carved waiting for each volunteer, In the end we managed to carve and feed 320 out of the two pigs I supplied and cooked, and we still had people come back for seconds and a tray of meat left over so we were pleased that the challenge had been met and all the volunteers were happy with what we offered, As chefs we had made sure we had enough salads and coleslaw and we never ran out. The Emergency exercise went really well, we saw people with makeup wounds being treated and watching the first aider’s at work and also how the tactical side of using IT to log the casualty’s and injuries, The extra numbers really tested the teams and systems which is how any training exercise should be, how to deal with the unexpected. We were also invited to cater for the Community Resilience Factory Jubilee Party the following Friday and this went down very well, with red white and blue everywhere and again the quality of our meats shone through.

Our Quality pig, the Gloucester Old Spot, free range pig brought up in the orchards of Faversham is really playing dividends in the comments we get for our meat produce, We have now got to know exactly the depth of scoring the Pig and how much meat we will get from each pig to match the party requirements, The butcher of Brogdale is our only supplier and although we know we can source cheaper pork we have decided to stay with this quality bred pig and we know that we are only using female pigs that have not been bred, therefore the meat is all that much tastier in sweetness from the apples in the orchards and the shape of the pig and meat content is excellent..

Building works at the Brogdale Estate, Brogdale Road Faversham is coming on well and I hope to have use of an office there from August, during the week I will have my Titan spit Roast and Home roasting machine the Hog master on display and there for demonstrations, We are also planning a tasting day on a suitable Sunday where we will show the versatility of the hog roast machines as roasting machines and as BBQ machines and cooking off free samples of Belly of Pork, lamb kebabs, flavoured sausages and home made beef burgers, We will also be offering Hog Roasts and BBQ days at special rates to fill up our Sundays during July, August and September and Summer holidays. A.RoundHogRoasts and Catering Services Ltd are able to put out four teams on any one day, We have a lovely home cook machine that this year has proved so successful in the Home hire machine arena with a pig supplied with Gas bottle and Probe, we also offer the use of a cutting board. We give full instruction on how to use this small hog roasting machine. The machine is able to take full pig to 60 kilos with the head on or off. The average cooking time is 6 hours but you can never over cook the pig, as long as she has gone over the 73 degrees in the thickest part of the legs and shoulders she is ready for lifting and carving you can cook for longer and the meat will continue to say succulent and moist but will become more tender to carve, do not forget to rest the pig for five to ten minutes before you take the crackling off, The fact the pig cooks on a tray allows you to roast potatoes around it or wrap jacket potatoes in foil and place in the tray.

May and June Latest News

Our free Wedding planning consultations with no obligation to book are going well, we are finding that the professional advice we give and the plans that we put forward is filling our Wedding order books.

A.RoundHogRoasts and Catering Services Ltd have now made links with a number of other Caterers who will be using us as their Hog Roasters for Wedding that they plan. We are pleased also that our professional approach to our Weddings have now made us available at venues where normally Hog Roasting is not allowed, We have a Ten million product and public liability insurance and a health and Safety Award of Five. We also provide our own fire prevention equipment at each event.

We have also found that a number of potential clients have had difficulty in getting a hog roast for numbers between 40 and 50, I offer a cut down pig with BBQ food to cover the lack of numbers or I order a smaller pig and adjust the price accordingly , this gives a selection of meats where the customer is not swamped with left over pork and that the meal offers a selection of meats to go with the salads or seasonal vegetables, Normally we can offer a discount when the numbers come in below 50 for a hog roast if this option is taken. It is always worth contacting myself, Anthony Round to discuss your quotes on 07972684332, If you find that you have received a quote that is not within your budget then I am prepared to offer you alternatives that could give you a Hog Roast experience albeit with out a full pig or lamb.

A.RoundHogroasts and Catering Services Ltd have been working in all states of weather this Spring and some days we have been battered with high winds and rain, we have worked through the storms and got the food ready and with some hasty changes to the way we normally serve from under our gazebos. By moving them to protect the customer we have managed to get our food to them where they managed to stay dry under our Gazebos and we have got wet. Our commitment to getting to a venue was also challenged when I received a puncture with the trailer attached and I had to drive the last few miles in order to arrive on time and get the pig cooking.

The Hackney Pirates made a request for a hog roast for 200 people for a music festival being held in the Woods near High Halden Tenterden Kent. Once I established that this music festival was for charity I offered to do the event with Spitting Pig Kent supplying one pig free and the second pig was donated by the Butcher of Brogdale, There was a small charge and the catering organsiser Rebecca was so happy that she sent this message to us ,

” We would love to have you come and do the hog roast on the Saturday night of the 9th of June if you are able to get it at that amazing price.. The festival is called Wild Things, and is set up by staff of the education and literacy project The Hackney Pirates. The Hackney Pirates are a registered charity, working with young people after school in their centre in Hackney. At Pirate HQ, we support young people by giving them one-to-one attention in a weird and wonderful out-of-school learning environment. It’s a fun space where young people can get some extra help on their homework and literacy. And we also get young people working on making professionally produced creative products (like books and CDs) alongside talented creative professionals, because we think that everyone learns best when they can see the outcome of their work being valued by other people. We sell the great products they make at our events and soon in our own online shop. Please take a look at the website which will give you even more information,”

This event was the weekend following all the rain and on arrival we had to separate the trailer and wait for the local farmer to take up us the muddy wooded road, it to a small forest where we came upon the festival site, Returning to the car with another open trailer we managed to get all the suppliers to the festival. Breakfast was being cooked on an open barbeque and I found myself soon taking charge and showing the Festival goers how to get sausages, bacon , scrambled egg cooked safely and in numbers and the 100 plus campers soon started to appear for their breakfast which seemed to then flow into lunch. The hog roast went well and later in the evening the Farmer arrived on time to get us safely through the mud road back to our vehicle for the journey home.

As I finish this report we are again in for another busy weekend with four jobs on Saturday and three on Sunday, the diversity of the jobs vary from Wedding receptions with hog roast and strawberries and cream to a very posh garden party with waitress service for reception drinks and canapés hog roast pig and lamb and desserts, to simple garden party’s as small as 50 people.

So if you are looking for a hog roast to remember with quality meats please go to the contact page and send through your requests and date of your proposed event. From all the team at A.Round Hogroasts and Catering Services Ltd we look forward to catering for you for what ever event you are looking for.

Anthony Round

Manager and Head Chef

A.Round Hogroasts and Catering Services Ltd.