A Round Hog Roast & Catering Services
Trading as “Succulent Pig

We pride ourselves on being able to act flexibly and responsively to each of our customers’ requirements.

Below are laid out terms and conditions of service however if you have any questions or would like additional information please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We will always take every possible step that is considered reasonable to supply the goods and services relating to A Round Hog Roast & Catering Services trading as Succulent Pig.

Terms & Conditions

Please find set out below our terms and conditions of service. It is essential that you read these conditions as on receipt of your deposit and booking constitutes your agreement to the following terms and conditions. These terms and conditions cover all aspects of goods and services provided by Succulent Pig formerly A Round Hog Roasts & Catering Services.


When provisionally booking our services you will need to know the number of guests attending, the type of menus you require, you can choose from our samples on the web site.  Any additional food items can be agreed and catered.  If you have specific requests such as vegetarian food, or special dietary requirements we will do our best to meet these.

We also need to know at what time you would like food served.  We know that sometimes events don’t always go to plan however, we would appreciate that you let us know as soon as possible.  If it is possible for us to slow down the cooking times we will do so.  Please note that we cannot speed them up.

Event Planning

When planning your event you will need to ensure that there is a road on to the site for our delivery vans and that there is enough space available for us to set up a hog roast and provide any on site catering required.  We require a minimum space requirement of 3m x 3 m depending on your event menu.

We are unable to navigate narrow pathways or stairs with our hog roast machines.  We will take all reasonable care once on site to provide a barrier to our hog roast machines as they can reach high temperatures.  However it is also the event or party organiser to ensure that there is an appropriate space in which we can do this.

If you are in any doubt or have any questions about access to your site it is your responsibility to raise this with Mr A Round on behalf of the company in advance of the event.  We may need to carry out a site visit to ensure access and safety.  This may incur a reasonable additional cost that will be agreed in advance of the visit.

Event Set up

We will need access to the site dependent on your menu requirements at least 8 hours prior to serving time.  This enables us to set up our hog roaster and ensure that the food is cooked thoroughly and is ready for service.  Please ensure that we have a full postal address and post code for the delivery for the site.  Any additional information that will help us to locate the site is important.  We will need contact mobile phone numbers so that we can contact you to confirm arrival on site.

Loading and Unloading

Our team require access and parking spaces as near to the planned catering area as possible.  We will also require parking spaces as near as possible to the catering area to remove our equipment as agreed at the end of the event.  This may be the following day so the owner of the site or venue must be in agreement with this.  

Storage of our equipment either because of the collection time or because you have arranged cleaning of the hog roaster (in the event of hire) it is the event organisers responsibility and we expect it to be held securely and safely whilst at your event.

Hog Roast Hire

If you are hiring a hog roaster and/or meat we will deliver either the day before the event or within adequate time prior to food service.  This will be agreed and confirmed at the point of booking.  All our hog roast machines will come with the appropriate gas cylinders, and all necessary equipment to enable you to cook your own roast meat.

You will be responsible for cleaning the hog roast machine at the end of the event and prior to collection.  If your hog roast machine is not cleaned then this will incur an additional cleaning cost of £75 and must be paid within 7 days of receipt of the invoice.

Hog Roast machine usage and storage.

Basic training in the use of a machine this can be provided at the point of delivery.  It is the responsibility of the person hiring the machine to be at the site or venue when the delivery is made.  We can show you how to set up the machine and the length of time and safety requirements needed to cook your roast successfully.   If you have requested your hog roast or meat to be provided by us we source all our meat from our award winning Butcher of Brogdale unless specifically requested for alternative provision.

We are not liable for the standard of the food served if you don’t follow the cooking times or damage to the machine if you use the machine incorrectly.  You may be liable for the replacement of the machine if the damage incurred is because the machine is not used correctly or because of inappropriate storage before collection or any damage is incurred due to the cleaning of the machine.

Deposit and Payment

When we have received your provisional booking and agreed a quote we will require a 20% deposit, if you are paying by cheque that will need to clear our bank account.  Once the deposit has been received we will send an invoice for the outstanding balance and confirmation of your booking.  Final payment must be received in full at least 5 days before the event unless previously agreed with Mr A Round on behalf of the company.   

If the outstanding balance is not received in full prior to the event we will be unable to continue with the booking and this will be deemed cancelled.  All deposit payments are non-refundable.

Late Bookings

We will always attempt to provide catering, hog roast hire and hog roasts at short notice, because of the shortage of time a full payment will need to be received prior to the event.

Amendments and final guest numbers

We ask that you confirm final numbers of guests and any menu additions no later than 14 days prior to the event.  No further changes will be made to this unless with prior agreement by Mr A Round on behalf of the company.  Any additional numbers or changes to the menu may require any additional cost and this will be invoiced to you and expected to be paid within seven days.

Wedding Customers

Site Meetings will be carried out as part of our Wedding Consultation and planning package, once the package is agreed we will provisionally book your event.  On receipt of the deposit of 20% we will confirm your booking.  Any additional guest numbers and changes to menu can be made but please be aware that substantial changes may incur additional costs.  You will be made aware of this as soon as is reasonably possible after the request for changes.

Any additional equipment or services provided by our preferred provider list will be agreed in advance and be subject to their own terms and conditions.

General Liability

We do not accept liability to provide the service contracted that are due to circumstances deemed beyond our control such as  road gridlock, industrial action, police action, extreme weather conditions, civil strife, fire evacuation, electricity, gas or water failures.

 If the staff on arrival on site has any concerns regarding the Health & Safety and welfare of any and all staff they have the right to withdraw services.  We will always attempt to find a solution with the event coordinator before any abandonment of the event.

Public Liability

A Round Hog Roast & Catering Services has obtained Full Public Liability Insurance.  We are happy to provide a copy of our cover and our Hygiene Certificates along with our completed risk assessments and HACCP and any other documents you may require for your even

A Round Hog Roast and Succulent Pig & Catering Services will always try to find reasonable solutions working with the Event Coordinator or Party arranger to any problems due to the site or any changes in circumstances.  We are a family owned business and pride ourselves on our customers returning to us to provide their catering and hog roast hire services.

Complaints or Feedback

If at the end of your experience you have any concerns or feedback you wish to give us we would welcome it.  Please contact us to discuss any issues and we will be happy to find resolution with you.  Your experiences will continue to help us to improve our business – email us on aroundhogroasts@yahoo.co.uk

Succulent Pig is owned and managed by A Round and Hog Roasts Catering Services

Company Registration Number: 7927718

VAT Registration Number: 172046722

Head Office: Succulent Pig Hog Roasts, 94 Firs Lane, Folkestone, Kent CT19 4QE